Ernest Hemingway

By: Mattie Musser

Ernest Hemingway's Life

This link, or button, is a site telling you all about Ernest Hemingway. There are videos and paragraphs that take you through important phases of his life.

Mini BIO - Ernest Hemingway


1) Ernest is an American Nobel Prize-winning author.

2) Hemingway fought in both wars, World War I and World War II.

3) He loved Cuban people.

4) In 1923, Hemingway published his 1st book.

5) He ended up committing suicide.


6) Hemingway was awarded a Bronze Medal Star.

7) Ernest Hemingway has three children, Jack, Gregory, and Patrick Hemingway.

8) He was also awarded the Pulitzer Prize for Fiction.

9) The FBI maintained an open file of Hemingway from World War II and after.

10) Hemingway is buried in Ketchum, Idaho.


11) Hemingway wrote one play called "The Fifth Column."

12) Ernest was born in Oak Park, Illinois.

13) He lived in Key West, Cuba, Chicago, Toronto, and many other places in between those.

14) Hemingway married four times.

15) When he was in school, he attended Oak Park and River Forest High School.


16) In high school he wrote in the school newspaper, Trapeze and Tabula, mainly about sports.

17) In 1918, Hemingway served as an ambulance driver in World War I.

18) He enjoyed writing and adventure.

19) Ernest often went on wild hunts in Africa.

20) At one point, Hemingway did bullfighting in Spain.