3rd Grade Newsletter

December 14th - 18th

Happy Monday!

We hope that everyone had a wonderful weekend and is looking forward to fun last week of school before winter break. Friday is an early release day so please pick up your child promptly at 12:00.

Please see below for grade level information, learning targets and spelling words.


  • Friday, Dec 18th: Holiday Parties at 10:45, Early Release at noon and report cards go home
  • December 26th - January 4th: Winter Break
  • Tuesday, January 5th - students return to school



1. coy

2. soil

3. foil

4. toil

5. coins

6. point

7. noise

8. loyal

9. boiled

10. spoiled

11. enjoys

12. voice

13. choice

14. soybean

15. joyful

16. unhappy


18. misread

19. noisy

20. checkpoint


Language Arts

  • I can use knowledge of letter sounds to spell words with Diphthong /oi/ spellings.
  • I can develop vocabulary.
  • I can understand the characteristic of a poem.
  • I can explain the difference between verbs that show action in the past, present, or future.
  • I can recognize the way an author organizes information in a nonfiction text.
  • I can identify when an author uses sequence as a text structure.
  • I can summarize a selection in logical order.
  • I can edit my writing to check for grammar, capitalization, punctuation, and spelling mistakes.
  • I can use text features including an interview to gather information.
  • I can answer questions using text evidence.


  • I can solve a 2-digit times 1-digit multiplication problem using any strategy I choose.
  • I can determine if a problem is missing data or if the problem has unneeded information.


  • I can explain how a person’s health habits affect myself & others.

Social Studies

  • I can describe how individuals contributed to the creation & expansion of new communities.