Lord of the Flies

by William Golding (Flyer made by Hope Caram)

Book Advertisement

Published in 1954, Lord of the Flies is the perfect book for the adventurer in you! Well if you like children stuck on an island with no idea what is happening at all it is! This book has been read in schools nationwide, and has been made into two movies, the original that was produced in 1963, and the newer one in 1990. It must be a good book if it was made into movies! If you read this book, I guarantee you will not be disappointed in the many terrors and adventures these children go through in their attempt to survive!

Summary of the Novel

A plane crashes of the coast of an island, with many British schoolboys on it. No adults live, but the children do. Ralph, who has now been elected the leader of the group, decided that it is now his job to take everything into his own hands and make sure everyone survives. Going through near-death experiences, separation, and a mysterious beast on the island, will the boys ever be able to survive, or even manage to find a way off the island and go back home?

Lord of the Flies; The Journey through it's Time

Guarunteed to bring out the adventure in you!