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Mrs. McCarthy

Week of May 16th, 2016

May 19th PIQE 9:00 am Solana Vista, 6:00 pm Skyline

Volunteer Appreciation Day is May 27th at 8:30 a.m.

Language Arts

Comprehension Skill: Classify and Categorize: Students will look for ways that information belongs in groups and categories.

Comprehension Strategy: Monitor Comprehension: Reread - good readers make sure to reread any information that is unclear. Since I have given you parent information on "reread," I am giving our information on Literary Elements in English and Español.

Phonics: Two-Syllable Words

Spelling Words: dentist, appen, unpack, begin, lion, protect, animal, elephant

Dictation: Did you ever unpack your bag?

I like to reread good books.

Grammar: Pronouns

High Frequency Words: build, goes, laugh, only, interesting, ordinary

Robust Vocabulary: duty, equipment, professions, satisfaction, thorough

Eureka Math

Eureka module 6: In this unit, students use their knowledge from all prior units to grapple with comparative word problems and place value.

Parent information

Información para Padres

Opinion Writing

Students have been taught the following Lucy Calkins guidelines for opinion writing:

Convince your reader!

*Give lots of reasons

*Add details

*Use sparkly words

*Quote " " the experts (friends, family, teachers)

*Talk back -Some people think . . . but I still think . . .

-I disagree because . . .