Coral Reefs

Caleb Langenfeld

They are going to...

They are visiting the Great Barrier Reef, off the coast of Australia. The Great Barrier Reef is on the North-East corner of Australia's coast. It is the biggest group of coral reefs, and stretches 2300 km, or 1429.15 miles.
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Average climate...

-Temperature will be, on average, 75 degrees to 91.5 degrees Fahrenheit.

-Salinity, between 27 ppt and 47 ppt.


The Great Barrier Reefs consists of coral reefs. These are all around the ocean floor of the Great Barrier Reef and is the main attraction of the Great Barrier Reef. You will see out of any hotel room you stay at, on the beach, and especially in the water. You will also see many types of fish. Such as clown fish, like Nemo in Finding Nemo, the amazing lion fish, that is bad for that environment but has a spectacular sight.
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All about Science

Waves and currents cause the coral reefs in this area to sway back and forth. This will affect the fish that live in them because it will cause them to keep moving and stay with the reefs so they don't get seen by predators. A very dangerous invasive species in this area is the lionfish. It has similar defense mechanisms as the sting ray. It has stingers that surround its body. These stingers can sting the fish that here and kill them because of the venom it contains. The following cycle contains human impacts in this area:
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