All About Me

By Leslie Towns

About My Family

My family is weird, and crazy. Most of my family is in Arkansas but the rest are all over the world. My brothers are very protective over me. My sisters just like to take my stuff that I get for myself. Then there's my mom, she's so mean to me but nice to other people. I'll ask her a question and she'll go "Whaaaat!" really hateful for no reason. Point is I love my family no matter what. :)

What I like to do?

During my free time, I like to play volleyball or be on social media because I have no life. When I grow up I wanna be a cosmologists, I like to do a lot of that stuff too. I like to spend time with my mom or friends when I'm bored.


I have a moderately high self esteem. I'm a normal in between type of person. Not negative but not completely positive either. I like to shop a lot but I stopped my habit of that. My top main career clusters are: Human Services, Finance, and Art, Audio, Video, Technology, and Communications.