Application Required

Course Description

Yearbook will focus on the planning, creation, selling, financing, and distribution of Twelve Bridges Middle School Yearbook. The finished product will be student-generated. The fundamentals of yearbook journalism include coverage of the year’s events, ethics, writing story copy, writing captions, creating sidebars, and photojournalism. Yearbook design includes creating aesthetically pleasing layouts, enhancing graphics, and effectively using color. Integral to yearbook journalism is developing and carrying out a theme, both verbally and graphically, that suits Twelve Bridges Middle School.

Work outside of normal classroom hours may be necessary for this class.

Course Objectives

Students will

  • Develop an understanding of the academic vocabulary associated with creating and publishing a yearbook.

  • Demonstrate effective communication skills; oral and written.

  • Develop and apply basic journalism skills.

  • Design aesthetically pleasing layouts, fluent copy and captions, and a consistent theme.

  • Learn basic photography skills needed to record images that tell a story as well as a document an event.

  • Understand and employ the ethical decisions inherent in making a yearbook.

  • Develop an understanding of the yearbook business.

  • Take responsibility for themselves, assist others when needed, and represent the yearbook staff in a positive way in the school community.

  • Meet all deadlines in a professional manner.