Pirate Parent Newsletter

January 17, 2023

Our Strive to 95

Parents, thank you for a great first semester. We have accomplished much this first semester and I wanted to take a moment and thank you for trusting us with your scholars. Although we are moving the mountain, we have work to do. I need your help. Last semester, we averaged 86% of our students here on a daily basis. Let me demonstrate what that number actually means:

  • We averaged 139 students with unexcused absences daily.
  • Our students missed 12,107 total days of school. These are just unexcused absences.
  • The average daily attendance rate nationwide before the pandemic was 95%. We are far from that.

If our students are not here, we cannot provide them the tools to be successful academically. This impacts their grades, our school graduation rate, and their lifetime outcomes. Stone Mountain High starts school at 8:00 each day. We are asking that you encourage your students to get her on time. Our new policy requires students to be signed in by a parent if they arrive after 8:40 am. We are doing this so we can find out why our students are not here and to encourage those who linger to get here faster. With your help, we can strive for 95. With a 95% average daily attendance rate, our school will look different, sound different, and our students will be more successful than we can ever imagine. There is nothing we cannot do, when we make it a priority to do it. Let's do this!

MAP Testing

This week we are administering our Winter MAP assessments. This data allows us to see if our students have made gains in reading, math and language usage. Please encourage your students to charge their Chromebooks and attend daily so we can gather this data. We use this data to determine the type of courses we offer at our school. For example, if we notice a student is struggling in reading, we will offer that student a reading or writing support class next year. The same for math. Alternatively, if we see a student is thriving, we will not offer that student a support class and will offer a more accelerated schedule.
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Advanced Placement at SMHS

We will offer several Advanced Placement courses at SMHS next year. What is Advanced Placement? How does it benefit my student? What are the requirements to enroll in AP classes? Find out the answers to these questions on Thursday, January 26 at 6:00 pm via Teams by clicking here.

Accessing MAP Assessment Data

Did you know that you can access MAP Assessment Data from the Infinite Campus mobile App? Simply download the Campus Parent app from the Google Play or Apple Store to get started.

Accessing MAP Assessment Data

1. Click on the Infinite Campus Parent Portal App on your mobile device.

2. Click on the Drop down Menu.

3. Click on the More tab.

4. Click on SLDS Portal in the Quick Links section.

5. Click on the Performance icon. The student assessment data will appear under the Local Assessments section.

If you have multiple students, click on the dropdown menu to select a different student.

6. The MAP assessment data will be located under the Local Assessments section.

Need a Chromebook or Wi-Fi Hotspot? Updates

Please click here to register your student for a Chromebook or Hotspot.

To Be Great, Be Here By 8

Parents, please assist us by bringing your students to school on time. We have dozens of students who are late to 1st period specifically. All students should be in their seats in 1st period by 8:10 am. Please have students at school by 8:00 am so they can arrive on time. All students reporting after 8:40 must be signed in by a parent. We hope this increases our daily attendance and curtails our tardies. Thank you parents for your efforts in getting our students here and on time!

Infinite Campus Parent Portal

Please click here to see step by step directions on how to access Parent Portal. If you need additional assistance, please email our registrar at britanny_freeman@dekalbschoolsga.org.

Backpack/Bookbag rule- Thank You!

We have begun collecting bookbags that are not clear. Bookbags will only be returned to parents. If your student is having difficulty finding a clear bookbag, please have them see the principal.


Continue to join our PTSA. It is $10 and we are close to having enough members to have an election. Our goal is to elect officers during our Title I Stakeholder meeting. We have PTSA application at school for your convenience.