Get Ready for Spring!

Helpful Reminders & Announcements

TLT is here to help!

Since the first day of classes is just around the corner, we want to offer a few helpful reminders.

Start of the Semester Checklist

This checklist ( will help ensure that your OAKS courses are ready for the start of the semester.

OAKS Training

Please visit to view a list of our OAKS sessions and to RSVP.

If you simply need a refresher or like to learn at your own pace, our text and video-based tutorials are always available at

Copying Content From One OAKS Course To Another

You can copy content and settings from an old OAKS course into a new course so you don't have to rebuild. We call it "rolling" your content using the "Import/Export/Copy Components" tool.

You can copy the entire course, including grade book settings and quizzes, or you can choose specific components to copy. IMPORTANT NOTE: After you copy content, you will need to update any dates or restrictions because OAKS will maintain the old dates.

Click on this link for a tutorial:

Requesting a Fake Student

A fake student allows you to take quizzes, submit assignments, and see the gradebook exactly how your students do. This is incredibly useful when a student reports a problem and you need to troubleshoot.

You can request a Fake Student by completing the Request a Special User be added to your OAKS course form available on the OAKS Homepage in the OAKS Requests widget. Allow 3 business days for completion.

Do You Use Kaltura?

Kaltura MediaSpace is a Youtube-like, online media repository and screen capturing program. Unlike other media servers on campus, Kaltura is available to students so it can be used to upload video projects. Faculty can use it to upload tutorials, online lectures, or any original work.

While Kaltura is a fantastic tool, there are a couple quirks that users should be aware of:

  1. Kaltura Screen Recorder is not compatible with Microsoft Windows 10 browser ‘Edge’ as ‘Edge’ does not support Java.

  2. Sometimes, if a Kaltura video is embedded into OAKS (such as in a discussion board thread or in content), users may be "kicked off" OAKS and sent to a login area called CAS (Central Authentication Service). If this happens to you, log into CAS with your Cougars username and password. You'll be taken to Kaltura then you can click the "back" arrow in your browser to return to OAKS. You should now be able to view the video.

If you experience any other problems with Kaltura, please let your instructional technologist know. And if you're interested in learning more about Kaltura, this tutorial will help.

Save the Date for #TLTcon!

#TLTcon is the Teaching, Learning, and Technology Conference that will be held March 8-10.

Workshops and panels will be led by CofC faculty and will accompany a keynote address by Dr. Rick Olsen from UNCW.

Register now at

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