Chloe Navarro

About Venus

  • The distance from Venus to the sun is 67,240,00 miles ( 108,200,000 km )
  • The radius is 3,760 miles
  • Venus gots it's name from the goddess of love and beauty
  • No satellites (moon)
  • The planet is yellowish-white
  • Second planet from the sun
  • Sixth largest planet in the solar system
  • No magnetic field
  • No rings around the planet
  • The orbit period is 224.7 days
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Inside Venus

  • Surface is rocky, dusty and canyons and plains with a 200-mile river of hardened lava
  • Without water and exremly hot temperture
  • About 80% of venus surface is smooth volcanic plains, 70% plains with wrinkles ridges , and 10% smooth or lobate plains
  • Maxwell Montes is the highest mountain
  • Venus is easily the brightest object in the night sky
  • Filled with clouds
Planet Venus: The deadliest Planet, Venus surface & Atmosphere [Naitional Geographic Channel, HD]