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Dating Guide For Men - What You Should Do and What You Shouldn't

Dating guide for men has become a very crucial part of the dating scenario. Lots of men now want to be properly guided on the dating scenario. It is true that a proper dating guide is necessary for men who have not been the jocks at school.

Quite a few men have not had the privilege of being surrounded by girls all the time and hence feel comfortable with some dating tips. Even for men who have a way with women, dating guide and tips can prove to be very useful especially if they are looking for a meaningful relationship. This article shall throw some light on the dating guide for men.

The way you approach a woman is important. A myth of dating is that women always go for handsome men. Looks are important but they are not the only thing. The thing that attracts a woman most to a man are charm, confidence and personality. If you have these three then looks don't matter.

To woe a woman you don't need to be as handsome as Brad Pitt but you do need to have the confidence of Hugh Jackman. If one approach is not working with a lady, then try something new. Don't be hesitant to approach a sexy and attractive lady. You need to have confidence in yourself if you want her going home with you.

The next thing that you need to learn is to know how to talk to women. Again confidence is the key. Look into her eyes and speak. This is one of the key ways to attract her attention. Be careful of what you say. Remember most women don't care about your wealth or material success so it is pointless to flaunt it.

It only makes you look shallow and self-centered. If you want some attention talk about a topic that you think will attract her attention and ask her views on the subject. Women love men who listen so make sure you are not the only one talking or your date will be bored.

These are some of the things that are important in dating guide for men. But this is not all. You can improvise and the kind of approach you take will depend upon the type of woman you are dating. While you need to be a bit forthcoming in case of an extrovert lady, you will need to tone down your levels in case of a shy girl. These are a few tips on the dating guide for men.