Kelly Lane Enrichment Clusters

Something New for Third Grade!

Hello, Third Grade Parents!

As you may remember from our open house presentation in September, we provided information to you about an exciting new Board of Education initiative to provide school wide enrichment to all our students and to increase our capacity to meet the needs of our early mastery/high achieving students. Third grade faculty members at Wells Road and Kelly Lane Schools have participated in training this past fall and are ready to implement enrichment clusters as the first part of this initiative. Enrichment clusters, held once a week for several weeks, will provide an opportunity for students to participate in an interest based, engaging class/activity led by teachers at the school. Enrichment cluster learning activities promise to be engaging and enriching and will support and strengthen skills that are taught in your child’s classroom.

Which Cluster is your child in?

We presented the cluster offerings to all of our third graders last week. They voted on their choices and the results will help us assign cluster groups. We will send home a notice with your child's cluster Thursday, and the first cluster meetings will occur on Friday morning.

We Need Your Help!

Time - Talent - Treasure

You can take a look at the cluster offerings by clicking on the photo. Your partnership in providing help with cluster groups, special insight into our topics, or materials that will enhance group projects will mean the world to us. If you have ideas about how you can help, please send an email to .

First Round Enrichment Clusters

Super Travel Agents

Things that will encourage travel exploration might be:
  • digital photos from exotic places
  • speakers who can share travel experiences
  • travel books

Pay it forward

Things that will encourage community outreach include:
  • speakers who are involved with outreach
  • volunteers to help organize projects
  • more to come after student input


Things that will encourage our fitness group are:

  • new or gently used yoga mats
  • guest yoga teachers

Cooking with Books

Things that will encourage our chefs could be:
  • copies of books
  • aprons
  • food ingredients
  • specifics to come after student input
  • guest chef speaker

Cardboard Arcade

Things that will encourage cardboard architects:

  • cardboard boxes, all sizes
  • lots of packing tape
  • doodads for prizes
  • decorative supplies

Duct Tape Doodads

Things that will encourage creative designers:
  • duct tape
  • more duct tape

ABC Click!

Things that will encourage photographers:

  • craft supplies
  • alphabet photo samples
  • graphic design speaker