DMS Corral

By Darnell and Guerra 5/9/2016


Monday, May 9

STAAR Testing- Gr. 6 & 7 Math, Gr. 8 Math Retest

Progress Report grades due by 3pm

Jeans Day!

Tuesday, May 10

STAAR Testing- Gr. 6 & 7 Reading, Gr. 8 Reading Retest


Wednesday, May 11

STAAR Testing- Gr. 8 Science, Gr. 6 & 7 Make-Ups


Progress Reports go home- PRIDE

Thursday, May 12

STAAR Testing- Gr. 8 Social Studies, Gr. 6 & 7 Make-Ups


Friday, May 13

STAAR Make-Up Testing

PE Field Trip to Castroville pool

End-Of-Year Approaching Quickly

This week is filled with STAAR testing, and next week will be filled with semester exams. Try to start reviewing your students for final exams by Monday of next week. Exams begin Wednesday, May 18.

Everyone will assist with oral administration for students during semester exams. A schedule of who will help and where will be e-mailed to you before exams begin.

As soon as students finish testing, turn in AWARE documents to Mrs. Guerra. She will run them pronto so that you can work on final grades.

Hang in there... June is coming!!!


Be on the look out for an email regarding summatives. We will be scheduling summatives.

Feet to the Fire

Thank you for continuing to hold kids accountable. I was gone on Friday, and our children decided to have a field day. Speaking of field day, please remind students that if their behavior continues to deteriorate, they can miss out on field day.
If you are testing and you have kids still in class with a sub, please, please leave plenty or more than enough work for the kids to do. You know kids are antsy as it is; we don't need to have them in class with little to no work. Thank you for taking care of this problem.