Pasquotank River Basin

Christian Rodriguez 5/12/16

Facts about Pasquotank River Basin

The Pasquotank river basin is located in North Carolina in a county called Pasquotank county.

It's biggest city around it is Elizabeth City followed by Hertford, Columbia, and Manteo.

The headwaters of this basin is in Virginia. This basin drains about 474 miles in streams.

Pasquotank river basin empties in a estuary called Albemarle Sound.

The size of this river basin is 3,635 sq. miles.

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Water quality and source of water pollution

The water quality in the Pasquotank river basin is b=not great but efforts to making it better are being done. Stormwater discharge, rural residential development, and forestry are water pollution sources.
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Native Plants and Animal species

The Manatee and the Leatherback sea turtle are both animals you can find in the Pasquotank river basin. Two plants you can also find in the Pasqoutank river basin are the Atamasco Lily and the Cypris Tree.
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Fun Fact

The first ever sustained flight made by the Wright Brothers, Oriville and Wilbur, on December 17th, 1903.
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