School Counseling

Winslow Twp. Elementary School One-December Newsletter

A Message from Mrs. Funches

For the last few months, I have been thinking about the different things I could do to better serve our students and our staff. I wanted to give you the opportunity to give me feedback on what I am doing—what you like, what should change, etc. If you have ideas for how the school counseling services at School one could improve, please let me

know. I am open for constructive criticism, especially since I am looking for a bit more direction. Thank you for being a fabulous staff. Enjoy this month’s newsletter!

Have a great December!

Counseling Services

As we start to wind down and prepare for the new year I would like for you all to start thinking about students who could/would benefit from counseling services. I would love to do small group counseling and I offer these groups to our students but your help is needed and helping me to identify those students.

Groups are:

G.I.R.L.S (for students in grades 2&3): This group focuses on helping girls discuss and deal with issues and situations that girls often face. It also gives girls the opportunity to gain self-awareness, develop positive coping mechanisms, feel connected with other girls, and make healthy decisions.

Seeing Red (Anger Management): for students in grades 1-3: This group is designed to help students identify anger triggers, understand what makes them mad, understanding what is underneath the anger, and learning coping mechanisms to deal with anger

Kindness Club (3rd grade Only): I would love to have a group of students that could get together and develop a list of acts of kindness we could do around the school as well as be student ambassadors to share information with classrooms in regards to creating and maintaining a positive school climate. For example, instead of me standing in front of the class sharing information on conflict and bullying or stop, walk, talk students will learn the information with me and present it to their classmates as well as their other school mates.

Small group counseling is short term and usually meets for 6-7 sessions. If you would like to refer a student to any of these groups please let me know or you can simply submit names by clicking the blue button below.

Kid President's Holiday Gift Guide

December Dates to Remember:

  • 17th National Maple Syrup Day
  • 18th Bake Cookies Day
  • 19th Oatmeal Muffin Day
  • 20th Go Caroling Day
  • 21st Humbug Day
  • 31st Make Up Your Mind Day

Web Resource

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Web Resource

Through Scholastic, your class can compete in a K-8 “Kids Are

Authors” contest. Under your guidance, your students work in

teams of three or more to write and illustrate their own book. Two

Grand Prize winning books will be published in a fiction and

nonfiction category and sold in book fairs throughout the country.

Visit to

learn more about the suggested writing process.

Need to De-stress? Try this...

You can even try this with your students!

“Snail Gymnastics”

The students stand at their desk and breathe slowly

from their bellies. Students follow the teacher’s

movements, moving VERY slowly, stretching their

arms and legs as they move. You can move your arms up and make circles,

bend, touch your toes…whatever you feel like stretching. You will notice

how funny your arms feel after doing this—it’s almost like JELLO.

Very relaxing ☺

Have a Happy and Safe Holiday and New Year

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