The Fault in our Stars

By: John Green

"'Oh, I'm grand.' August Waters smiled with a corner of his mouth. 'I'm on a roller coaster that only goes up, my friend.'" (Green 11)
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This book is about a 16-year old girl who has cancer named Hazel Grace. All Hazel wants to do is sit in her room and read the same book over and over again. She had pretty bad depression. Finally, her parents got her out of the house to go to a support group. She meet a boy at the meeting named Augustus Waters. He charms her with his personality and they fall in love over time. She did not want to fall in love with him due to having cancer. She was worried about dying and Augustus being heart broken. It was actually very different. Augustus had died! Instead of Augustus being heartbroken Hazel was.

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John Green behind the scenes!

John Green is famous for his literature. He is New York Times international best selling author. He published The Fault in our Stars in January 2012. He got his motivation to write this story because he worked in a children's hospital. He also got inspiration from a friend that he had that was 16 years old when she had died from cancer.