Name: Jophine Yoseph Mazraani

Clothes: pants like long baggy pants (slim on bottom, baggy on top) button up shirt with a vest with a lot of buttons

Food: a lot of rice, chicken, and garlic seasoning, lots of meat like stew

Difference: cloths are different, houses are too because they are all made from cement, not a lot of fast food at all, and they use a lot of bread there and eat a lot of salad with meals and as a meal

What to Pack: passport, cloths, a lot of money, tennis shoes, hat and sunglasses because it’s very hot there, a jacket, sweatshirt because it gets cold at night

About Americans: we have an easy life compared to Lebanon, we are very happy people, we are also not worried people, and we have much more freedom than Lebanon

Extra Information

  • A great tourist country that everybody should visit

  • People there are smart and a lot of people succeed in school and in life

  • Everybody learns at least three languages (English, Arabic, and French)

  • Many different religions there but, they all get along

  • Great climates… warm by the sea and cool by the mountains