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October 26, 2020

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Colt Connection School-Based Youth Service Program

The School Based Youth Services Program (SBYSP) initiative was started throughout the State of New Jersey in 1987 to help young people navigate their adolescent years, finish their education, obtain skills leading to employment or continuing education, and graduate healthy and drug free.

Adolescents have numerous concerns and problems. Since a substantial number of teenagers have multiple problems that call for several different services, SBYSP provides an array of employment, health, and social services. Services are available to all youth and recreation is provided. In addition to the following core services, each site develops services which respond to local needs, such as on-site child care, so that teen parents can stay in school.

The major services are:

Mental health and family services
Healthy youth development
Access to primary and preventative health services
Substance abuse counseling
Employment services
Pregnancy prevention programs
Learning support services
Family involvement
Referrals to community based services

One-Stop Shopping
SBYSP sites, which are located in each of the 21 counties in or near schools in urban, rural, and suburban communities, are open to all youth ages 10-19, and provide services before, during, and after school, as well as throughout the summer. The comprehensive "one-stop shopping" design helps break down barriers and bureaucratic roadblocks that too often prevent young people from obtaining services and supports. School-Based Youth Service Programs exist in about 100 schools throughout the state of New Jersey

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Happy CRHS Spirit Week 2020!

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K - I - N - D - N - E - S - S

Kid President's 20 Things We Should Say More Often

Kindness is treating others with respect, compassion and care

When people are kind, they are more accepting of others and their differences, and they are better able to form meaningful and strong social connections. The ability to be kind is an essential trait that can help contribute to a person’s personal and professional success.

Research shows that kindness is linked to increased peer acceptance, improved academic performance, and positive mental health. The social world of high school is often challenging, with some teens experiencing bullying or being left out of cliques, and it is a crucial time to talk to your teenager about the value of being kind and welcoming to others

Kindness counts!

  • Volunteer at organizations to mentor young children or help build homes for those in need or at a local animal shelter or serve meals at a homeless shelter as well.

  • Do random acts of kindness for others. It can be something like smiling to another person as they pass by, listening to a sibling vent about their hard day, or standing up for someone if they are being bullied. These types of actions may seem small, but they have the ability to brighten a person’s day or turn their moods around.

Take time to research great leaders and thinkers and point out examples of how they helped and empowered others. For example, Mother Teresa dedicated her life to helping the poor, sick, and helpless. It was through her acts of kindness that she was able to provide medical services to help those in need, build homes for orphans and those with terminal illnesses, and set up programs to help impoverished families.

The good feelings that come from helping others are linked to emotional well-being. Studies have found that many people experience a rush of endorphins, often called a “helper’s high,” when they are kind to others, and this can have a positive effect on your teen’s confidence, self-worth, and sense of belonging

College Planning & Readiness... Check Out These Updates!


CRHS is hosting a virtual financial aid information session on Tuesday, November 17 at 7:00pm. Topics will include completing the FAFSA, various costs & ways to pay for college and/or trade school, and other important things to know. A flyer will be sent out through Naviance closer to the date.


Did you know that a monthly SCHOLARSHIP NEWSLETTER is sent to your email by the Guidance Department? So much money, so little time! Do not hesitate on getting all the money you can to pay for college/trade school.

There are also many different websites you can register with that will help you find scholarships! Contact your school counselor or Mrs. Prater for more information.

HBCU (Historically black colleges & universities) COLLEGE FAIR

Registration is now open for the New Jersey HBCU Virtual College Fair to be held November 16th. Register here:

Junior & Seniors

SAT’s & ACT’s

Many of you may be feeling anxious because you haven’t been able to take an SAT or ACT yet. Rest assured that many colleges are changing their admissions criteria so that the SAT and ACT are now optional. Here is information about what College Board and ACT are doing to support students during the pandemic:





To register for an SAT, please log into your College Board account using their website

To register for the ACT, create an account at

If you are eligible for a fee waiver, please see your counselor.

There is still time to sign up... Check out what we have to offer...

Colt Connection will offer a variety of supportive counseling groups beginning the week of October 26, 2020! Space is limited... please select only 3 activities to join. All group meetings will take place virtually via the Zoom platform after the school day is over (official times "to be determined"). Participation is voluntary, but a Colt Connection Consent Form is required.

Grief Group w/ Mrs. Kennedy - support for students who have experienced a past or present death of a loved one.

Young Men's Group w/ Mr. Eric - for young men of all grades, focusing on issues related to relationships / dating, self-control, responsibility, and positive decision-making.

Youth In Color w/ Mr. Matt - a support group for those who identify as Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender or Questioning (LGBTQ).

Young Women's Group w/ Mrs. Kennedy & Mrs. Cindy Angel-Leon - for young women of all grades, focusing on issues related to dating, confidence, self-control, and positive decision-making.

Topics Group w/ Mrs. Prater - an open discussion support group for any teen, focused on building healthy coping skills to combat daily stress in school, home, and with peers.

Connections Group w/ Mr. Seth - a skill building support group focused on improving communication, healthy peer interactions, and creating connection to support in school, family, and community.

Sign-up for a Colt Connection Support Group Here!

Sign up for a support group with Colt Connection!

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