Knowlege Of Roman Society

By mario fabian , manny galvan


The rights of citizens are that they are able to vote, they are able to join the goverment and become meaning tax payers they are also able to own property and write contracts,if needed they can go to court. Men enjoyed all the rights however the women could not vote or become part of the goverment . The slaves had small chances of freedom.

Law in rome

The law in Rome focused on marriage, inheritance meaning when a family member dies they will aquire something from them ,and make contracts with people.

Roman Justice

All Roman citizens are given all the rights. Also the roman justice was pursuing happiness, connected to life. The judges made court decisions from trial and evidence.

The punishment in Rome

The punishment was decided based on what crimes they committed some punishments were pay money, beatings, banishment meaning never to come back to Rome, turned into a slave, killed if guilty of treason, and if you killed your father you are to be drowned in the river. If the slaves committed crimes they are to be beaten to work harder or often cruecified.