Cesar Chavez Elementary Newsletter

March 1, 2021

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Dear Parents,

Thank you for your flexibility and support as we recovered from the storm damage. We were fortunate that our custodians took good care of our school and there was minimal damage. Currently we have a few classrooms affected and they will be back to normal in the next few days.

In this newsletter we want to share some information for a smooth Spring semester. With 15 weeks left of school we are working hard to make sure students grow in their learning as much as possible. Your support is so helpful!

Math and Reading MAP Results

K-5 Students have taken MAP Reading and Math tests to show how much they have grown from September to the middle of the year. Each student in grades K-5 has a personal goal in Reading and in Math. If you have not seen the MAP results for your child or want to know more about your child's goals, please contact the teacher.

If your child attends school virtually, keep in mind the following tips:

  • Attend "Live" sessions as much as possible. Nothing can replace interaction with the teacher and friends.
  • Turn in school work the same day it is assigned if possible so the teacher will know if you need extra help on the day's learning.
  • Re-do any work that is below 70.
  • Read for fun every day. If you need library books just let us know so you can pick some up at school.

7:40 Drop Off Reminder

The cafeteria side drop off at 7:30 is only for families with a student in Pre K or Kindergarten.

Students in grades 1-5 should be dropped off at 7:40 by the flagpole side unless they have a younger sibling in PreK or K.

Students in grades PK-K can be dropped off at 7:30 by the cafeteria side. If they have a brother or sister in 1-5 those students can enter through the cafeteria doors as well, but only if they have a younger brother or sister to escort.

The reason for this is to maintain social distance. If too many students enter on the cafeteria side too early, we do not have enough personnel or space to keep students at a safe distance.

Teachers start time is 7:40 and that is the earliest time that we have enough personnel to safely monitor the older students in grades 1-5. Personnel assigned to Pre-K and K are there at 7:30 to ensure our youngest students have time to enter safely.

Thank you for your consideration of our safety procedures.

Social Distancing, Masks, COVID-19 Safety

We ask that parents help us remind students about the importance of social distancing at school. We have noticed that as students become more comfortable at school they are wanting to sit closer and play closer to their friends. Please remind your child that it is still important to stay at a safe distance in order to continue doing a good job keeping students and teachers as safe and healthy as possible.

Students are doing a GREAT job wearing their masks properly covering the mouth and nose! Thank you parents for making sure the cloth masks are washed at home. Masks that are too big will fall under the nose, so ask your child if the mask is staying up or if they need it adjusted.

Thanks to your help, our school is staying as safe as possible! Thank you families!


  • Register your child for Pre-K and Kindergarten beginning April 1! Check out "Frequently Asked Questions" about age requirements and the registration process.

Dates to Know


3- Invited Virtual 2nd gr. Students TELPAS test at school

5- Student of the Month (Re Scheduled from February)

8- Invited Virtual 5th gr. Students TELPAS test at school

9- Invited Virtual 5th gr. Students TELPAS test at school

10- Invited Virtual 4th gr. Students TELPAS test at school

11- Invited Virtual 2nd gr. Students TELPAS test at school

12- Invited Virtual 2nd gr. Students TELPAS test at school

15-19 NO SCHOOL- Spring Break

22- Invited Virtual 5th gr. Students TELPAS test at school

23- Invited Virtual 4th gr. Students TELPAS test at school

24- Invited Virtual 3rd gr. Students TELPAS test at school

29- NO SCHOOL- Cesar Chavez and Dolores Huerta Day

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Cesar Chavez Elementary School

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