5th Grade Dolphins

Smithfield Elementary School

Personalized Learning

We are a Personalized Learning (PL) school. The profiles below explain our mission and strategies for meeting every learners needs.
Big picture

Class Dojo: 6 Keys

We will all be using the 6 Keys as our classroom beliefs as well as Dojo points.

Key 1: Love & Belonging

Key 2: Freedom & Independence

Key 3: Safety

Key 4: Valued Purpose

Key 5: Success

Key 6: Fun & Enjoyment

Flexible Seating

Why are our classrooms looking different? That's right, flexible seating! You may see tall stools, wiggle stools, stability balls, low standing tables, and a variety of other furniture arrangements in our rooms. We are listening to what the research says, and we challenge you to read up on it too.