Room 322 News

A weekly review

September 28-October 2

Hello Families!

This week we started implementing the Math Workshop model and so far the kids have been LOVING it. Instruction every day consists of a mini-lesson on grade level, then group rotations based on skill levels (currently we are working on mastering At Your Seat and Teacher's Choice before adding on the other two rotations), and finally students share out something they've learned or a skill they've used that day. It's been going really well and it gets me excited to teach when I see how excited they are to learn! This coming week we will wrap up our Place Value to 999 unit and move on to Problem Solving.

I focused more on science this week than social studies than I have in the previous weeks. We focused on learning the Scientific Method and how to make good observations through hands-on experiments. The video I sent out by email Thursday was a small glimpse at how enthusiastic they were for learning science. We combined baking soda and vinegar to explode bags and made then elephant toothpaste. These experiments are inexpensive and fun to do at home (you can google the "recipes" for instructions) and teach a lot. I was really proud of their observations they shared. After learning about fancy science vocabulary like catalysts and exothermic reactions we also watched this clip: (starting at 1:28) which had a lot of WOW factor :)

A reading strategy that we developed this week was retelling using the 5 Finger Retell strategy. It involves them identifying the setting, characters, problem, events, solution, and author's main idea. This is a great idea to use with them at home after they complete a book to make sure they are comprehending what they are reading as well.

~Ms. Sivak

Coming Soon...

1. This week we will be starting a new spelling program: Words Their Way. It is focused more on sorting words to explain why words are spelled the way they are and is less focused on the traditional spelling test. There will still be nightly spelling homework and more information will be sent home Monday.

2. DreamBox and iReady: We will begin using artificial intelligences DreamBox (math) and iReady (reading) in the coming week. It is county-mandated for students to get 20 minutes DreamBox instruction daily in school and there will be some for homework as well (keep checking those assignment books!). iReady information will be sent home once all our testing is complete for it (we still have 4 students in progress). The benefit of these programs to your child is that they provide differentiated instruction that fits your child's needs.

3. Science/Social Studies Swap: Starting this week, Mrs. Barber and my classes will be teaming up for a unique opportunity! For this semester, I will be teaching social studies and Mrs. Barber will be teaching science--then we will switch in the spring. So, on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Fridays, your child will stay in my classroom and learn social studies--then on Wednesdays and Thursdays our classes will swap and they will learn science from Mrs. Barber. We are the only second grade classes doing this and it benefits the students because they will be getting more in depth lessons, learning in a new environment, and making friendships with the other class. Mrs. Barber and I look forward to planning special things for our classes to come together and do throughout the year.

4. Whole School Incentive Programs: Subway Fit for Life and Pizza Hut Book IT! Programs. More information coming soon.

5. Parent-Teacher Conferences information coming soon


1. Please go through take home folders with your child this weekend. We cleaned through desks so there are a lot of papers that can be kept at home as well as some students have work from the week that was unfinished which will need completed and returned by Monday. Otherwise, the only homework is to aim for reading each night for 20 minutes and having a good weekend :)

ENCORE Schedule

Monday: Art

Tuesday: Chinese

Wednesday: PE

Thursday: Art

Friday: Music

**Remember, have your child bring their library books to school even on non-library days as I try and give opportunities to go exchange them during open checkout hours if students are done with their work**

Book Fair

Monday, Oct. 5th, 8am to Friday, Oct. 9th, 3:30pm

1215 Moss Farm Street Northwest

Concord, NC

You're invited to our book fair! Information and catalogs will be sent home Monday.

Book Fair: Oct. 5th-9th (8:00AM-3:30PM)

Family Night: Oct. 6th (3:00pm-7:00pm) Bring your whole family to Family Night! Enjoy shopping and supporting our school.

Dragon Pride Night (featuring bingo and prize raffles)

Friday, Oct. 2nd, 6:30-9pm

1215 Moss Farm Street Northwest

Concord, NC

Come join us for a family night of fun playing bingo! Students, siblings, parents, grandparents….all are welcome to participate.

$1.00 for 3 sheets

Bid on your favorite classroom basket. Enter to win a chance to be the “Principal For The Day” basket. Baskets will be raffled off throughout the evening – you must be present to win.

$1.00 per ticket / $5.00 for 10 tickets / $10.00 for 20 tickets

Get your Dragon Wear * See Upcoming Events

Snack type refreshments will be available for purchase

$1.00 for water, soda, chips & popcorn / $1.00 for 2 cookies

Papa Robb’s will be selling Paradise Ice. Everyone who makes a purchase will also receive a coupon for one free Paradise Ice at the Papa Robb’s location.

The school also receives a percentage of the proceeds.

$3.00 children size / $4.00 adult size

Funds will go towards making improvements to our concrete courtyard play area