Medieval Ages Project

By: Nicole Strohl

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Fuedal System

The center of life in medieval times was the manor. The manner was owned by a noble, and a village would develop around the manor. The village was made up of a priest, peasants, blacksmiths etc;. All necessities the lord needed were within his manor. Under the feudal system land was granted to nobles. Nobles needed protection so they offered food and lodging to knights in exchange for protection. Nobles also needed peasants to work the land. They would offer a home, and a portion of the food they produce in exchange for farming the land. Feudalism was focused around mutual exchange, and social hierarchy.
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Stay away from anyone with these symptoms...

Sudden fever,



black spots,

painfully swollen lymph nodes.

The plague is life threatening! Stay away at all costs. It is usually transmitted by rodents, and flea bites, but certain strains are airborne.

The Roman Catholic Church

The church was very closely related to state. The church reinforced the ideas of the state, with the exceptions. The pope was the head of the church, and in charge of instilling good morals and faith. Everyone devoted their life to support, and sustain the church. It was not only a religion to abide by, but a lifestyle. The peasants paid 10% of taxes to the church.
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Causes and Effects of The Crusades


Muslims held Jerusalem

Turks threatened Constantinople

Pope Uban II called for the Crusades in exchange for indulgences


Trade between Asia and Europe increases

Kings gained power over large group of knights

Tensions between Muslims, Christians, and Jews grew

Life as a Knight