Berry and the elevator

One day a man named Berry bought a really tall plant shop. But the problem for having a really tall plant store is that he had over two thousand stairs he had to climb up before he could get to his office. Once he started making money he got on the news for the best plant shop in the world. He got so famous that he went on Jimmy Fallon and read mean tweets. All of the tweets where about the amount of stairs their where. So when he got home he went online and bought an elevator. When it arrived Berry set it up and had fun with it.
About a year later he was going downstairs in his elevator but he felt a big shake. Then the elevator stopped. At this point Berry thought it was the end but then he remembered what the delivery man told him about the emergence exit. Berry then pulled the switch and got thrown out of the elevator. After this he called an elevator mechanic to fix it.

theme- always listen to the delivery man

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