Success is a series of small WINS

"Work hard, party harder"

That's great but it shouldn't stop at just "working hard". A critical element of employee engagement is also recognizing the great work that we've done as a team.

All you have to do is fill out a very simple form and submit it.

As a part of the YEES Coaching track for 2015, we're coming out with the AOS BIG WINS of the week initiative for APAC. We're asking you to directly participate in calling out the BIG WINS of the week!,
The form can be found here: https://yo/APACbigWins/

You can also fill this form out for a colleague or a team member who you think has done a great job & deserves a shout out!

Of course we would also encourage you to give out a BRAVO!

All your BIG WINS will be collected every week & sent to the respective L4/L3 leader & it would also be called out in a newsletter to the entire AOS teams in APAC.

The aim is to ensure that all the wins are captured & all the great work done by you guys is never missed out & is also celebrated with the right visibility to senior staff.

"We all need your help to have your active participation in this Program, which is highly appreciated."