World War I

Race Distinctions in Labor

Written by: Jenny Flores

Amount of People Involved

  • India had about 1.5 million people recruited in December 1919
  • Canada, South Africa, Australia, New Zealand, and Newfoundland had a total of 1.3 million men
  • We always think that Americans, Germans, Italians, and British fought at the war , but it was more races/ethnicity than the ones mentioned in our history books

African Americans

About two million African soldiers were taken over controlled by the Germans.About 750,000 square miles of land was destroyed by the Germans. Workers and porters were directly sent in World War I. Farmers were forcefully to become porters.

Racial Categorization

England and France divided their men into 2 categories such as: "warlike" and "non-warlike".

British Military Recruitment

Would get men from Nepal and the North Indian provinces (mainly Punjab)

France Military Recruitment

They would reserve African troops(Western Africans), sub-Saharan Africa. But many of them would die of a disease and malnutrition.

But both of them would hire about 140,000 Chinese workers to clear WWI battlefields