Desk Organizer

Elementary School Kids Exciting Organizer

Define the Problem

Elementary school kids have a need for lots of tools on their desk and have a need for a desk organizer. This desk organizer will meet the following criteria and constraints:

  1. Hold 3 items
  2. Be colorful.
  3. Fit in the center of a table and have easy access.
  4. Made of recycled materials.

Research the Problem

Continue adding your remaining 7 designs.

Develop Possible Solutions

Continue to add you 2nd and 3rd designs.

Choose the Best Solution

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Create a Prototype

Draw a clean sketch of your design with rough dimensions and include in a picture.

Create a list of materials.

Include a picture of your final model/prototype.

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Test and Evaluate

Answer the following questions (nothing is not a true reflection…there are always changes):

  • What works?
  • What doesn’t work?
  • What do you like or what would you change about the aesthetics?

  • What do you like or what would you change about the materials?

Upload your video to youtube.

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There are always redesigns in initial designs. A redesign doesn’t mean your design is not good, it just means we can make it better.

  • Sketch your new design.
  • Make a bullet list of your redesign modifications.