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October 2017

1st Grade Conducts STEM Project!

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October 2 is PTO fund-raiser kick-off!

Look for flyers and promotional materials to come home today. Let's raise money for new playground equipment and materials for our school!

Friday the 13th Party in the gym!

Friday, Oct. 13th, 6pm

Grandview Gym!

Masquerade Party for K-3 @ 6-7; Dance for 4-6 @ 7:15-8:15! More information will be coming soon. Sponsored by PTO!

Parent Teacher Conferences

You will be hearing from your child's teacher soon to set up your fall conference. NO SCHOOL for students OCTOBER 11.

Fall Break

The week of October 21-29

1st Quarter Awards

October 16 @ 10:00 in the Gym!

Pick up and Drop off on Grand Avenue

There have been many reminders about this and here is more of the reasoning: Head Start drop off and pick up is at 8:00 and 3:00. There are more buses that come through the bus area at those times. It isn't safe to have children crossing the bus lot at those times and it causes traffic congestion for the drivers to maneuver around so many cars. Also, staff are coming in and out at those same times, so it adds to the concern when students are being dropped off and cars are driving through the lot. Grand is a busier street for cars, BUT it is much safer for children because they can be dropped off right on the sidewalk by the building and enter either door. Please remember to drive around and let your children off on the passenger side.
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Johnny Appleseed visits Grandview!

He came to visit our first graders and brought each of them an apple!

See why we love our jobs!

Your children are adorable!

Literacy Night moved to November 16 @ 7:00!

Stay tuned for "Popcorn, Plays, and Pirates - Hooked on Reading!" It will be the same week as American Education Week and we will be inviting Grandparents/Special Guests in for lunch again this year!