The Enigma Machine

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Hundreds of code breakers at Bletchley Park worked round the clock to decipher the German Enigma communications they intercepted.

The Allied work on codebreaking played a key role in victories such as D-Day. It shortened the length of WW2.


In 1943, British engineer, Tommy Flowers, created Colossus

Colossus changed the way code breaking was done from electro-mechanical to electronic – it was the first modern day computer.Colossus could read paper tape at 5,000 characters a second.

Bletchley Park and the Enigma Machine

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In 1931, a German traitor told Rejewski that the Germans routinely changed the daily key indicator setting for the codes.

To find the daily key, Rejewski build 6 replicas of the Enigma machine and connected them.

The new machine could run through more than 17,000 indicator settings. He called this machine, ‘the bomb’.