Merit Scholar Fair

This is it. Eligible research, internships & abroad opps...

Wednesday, Jan. 20th, 11:30am-2:30pm

1755 North 13th Street

Philadelphia, PA

Temple Student Center - Rooms A & B & C

Find your Merit Stipend experience!

Meet representatives from various research, internship and study abroad opportunities towards which you can use your Merit Scholarship Stipend.

Who will be there?

See a full list of eligible summer research/internship opportunities here .

At the fair you can expect...

Internships (Room 200 A & B): Dozens of representatives with local summer research opportunities! Organizations include the National MS Society, Red Cross, WXPN and the Historical Society of Pennsylvania among others!

Research (Room 200 A & B): Meet representatives from each school/college and learn about their faculty-sponsored summer research projects

Study Abroad (Room 200 C): Learn about each of Temple's summer programs (as well as exchange/external programs!)

Tips from the Career Center

Before the Fair

Take a quick read of this guide they've put together.

*Research the internship, research, and study abroad opportunities that will be at the fair: Preparation will show the representative that you are genuinely interested in their opportunity. For internships, check out the organization’s website to learn about their mission, clients, and programs.

*Update your résumé and have it reviewed: Stop by the Career Center (Mitten Hall 220) to have your résumé reviewed, or come to the Honors Lounge on Friday, January 15, from 11 AM to 1 PM to have it reviewed by a Career Center representative.

*Craft your introduction: Consider your skills, experiences, and goals and craft an introduction to use at the fair. See the Career Guide for a sample. Practice with friends or a career coach!

During the Fair

*Dress the part: There is no dress requirement for the Merit Scholar Fair. However, keep in mind that dress is a form of non-verbal communication and it can indicate your preparedness and professionalism. To make a good first impression, wear a tailored shirt/blouse, sweater, nice pants or a skirt. Do not wear sweat pants or ripped jeans. Check out the Career Center’s professional attire board on Pinterest for business casual tips:

*Approach the representatives: Use the introduction you developed before the fair to make a positive first impression. Smile, offer a solid handshake, and maintain eye contact. Ask for a business card if the conversation goes well.

After the Fair

*Follow-up with the representatives you met at the fair: Send a thank you note via email within 24 hours of the fair. Reference an aspect of your conversation and state what makes you qualified for the opportunity. Take a look at this sample thank you note on the Career Center’s website.

*Apply!: You can apply for any opportunities you learned about at the fair (and many, many more) through the OwlNetwork.


Email Laura Craig ( in the Career Center or Brad Pearson ( in the Honors Program.