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Fall 2016

Welcome back for another year of mentoring!

I hope that everyone had a restful and fulfilling summer. During the break I hope that you were able to contact your mentee(s) at least once to check in and see how their summer was going. We have spent the summer making plans and preparations for the upcoming school year so that our program can meet the needs of our mentees. As we welcome our newest Pioneers to campus there are a few housekeeping items to share with everyone.

How we ended the 2015-2016 school year

Our students graduated!

Kaleidoscope had 11 students walk the graduation stage in June to accept their diplomas. I, along with Stan Hebert, had the pleasure of announcing and sashing many of those graduates that participated in the Black Graduation Ceremony which was MC'd by our very own Marguerite Hinrichs and advised by Erika Williams and Lil Brown-Parker. A few students finished up remaining classes over the Summer quarter and are now on their way. We are so proud of our graduates and hope that they will keep in contact with us in the future.

New Mentors coming aboard

As we set out to grow the number of students we serve there will be an increased need to grow our capacity as mentors. For this coming 2016-2017 school year we are welcoming seven new mentors to the program! Thank you to those faculty and staff members for stepping up to support our students in the program. We are still looking to add a few more mentors in order to have matches for all students. Please send any referrals to Heather Gardley. New mentor orientation and training is forthcoming so be sure to keep an eye out for dates. If you see a new face in one of our quarterly mentor meetings please be sure to give them a warm welcome.

Fall Meet n' Greet Luncheon

Thank you to everyone that was able to come out and support our event the day before classes began. Our new and continuing students received a warm welcome to the campus at the luncheon. Sylvester Donelson, Andrea Wilson, Jasmine Flowers and Jackie Howard delivered an outstanding panel discussion that allowed them to share their experiences in the program and what makes their mentoring relationship a success. In total we had 65 attendees at the program. While this attendance number is down slightly from last year, we yielded double the number of student registration forms after this year's event- 26 in total. Thank you to these volunteers who helped make this event a success: Monika Brooks, Alex Baker, Paul Gardley Sr., Dianna Wheaton, and Paul Gardley Jr.

Updates to website and BaySync

Kaleidoscope Website

In an ongoing effort to keep information timely and relevant to our program participants (you included), we have been making subtle changes and updates to the website. The newest addition will be a 'Mentor Profiles' section which will include your head shot and a brief description of your role on campus. Students like being able to see who our mentors are and what we have to offer. Alex Baker from Student Health Services has offered his photography skills and will be taking head shot photos during two separate sessions. If you already have an appropriate head shot that you'd like to use please email it to kaleidoscope@csueastbay.edu. An email detailing photo session days/times will be sent next week.

Get connected with our BaySync page

Earlier this year, CSUEB launched BaySync which allows everyone on campus to be connected to the various programs and organizations that they participate in. One of our 2016-2017 goals is to utilize BaySync and all it has to offer. We will use BaySync as a tool to help us grow and connect our community. Our Kaleidoscope events, photo gallery and calendar will be posted there along with forms and other documents we periodically ask you to fill out. Many of you may already be subscribed to our page. For those that are not members of the page please accept the invite when it's emailed to you and encourage your mentee(s) to do the same. You may also join on your own by logging into BaySync and searching for the page "Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program". Here's the link to log in to BaySync

Upcoming Events

Quarterly Mentor Meetings

As a part of your participation as a mentor you are asked to participate in quarterly mentor meetings. We will continue to hold quarterly mentor meetings where you'll have a chance to check in with the group and give updates on your mentee(s). Any program updates and/or changes will be shared at these meetings as well as the academic progress of our mentees as a whole within the program. This is a great opportunity to build community as mentors and deepen the connection to Kaleidoscope. The Fall meeting will take place in October. A calendar invite will be sent out as soon as a location is secured. **Teleconferencing is available by request if needed**

About Us- Kaleidoscope Mentoring Program

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