The #EitnerEDU Update

2020 NCE Edition!

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From the Proprietor

Fellow Superintendents,

The 2020 AASA National Conference on Education is coming back to San Diego on February 12, 13, and 14! There are tons of workshops, meet-ups, and evening events to help us reflect on all of the learning!!

EitnerEDU reps will be available to chat on and off the convention floor. Look for the EitnerEDU poker chips around the convention center. Chips can be cashed in for food, beverages, or even our sit-down evening of cigars and bourbon! We hope you have a great convention!

Yours in Education,

Dr. Jay Eitner

2015 National Superintendent of the Year


Proprietor of Eitner Education

Dr. Jay Eitner

Episode 8 - WBGO Guest Hour Host - Jay Eitner by Dr. Jay Eitner

Nightcaps and Newbies!

Wednesday, Feb. 12th, 9pm

333 Fifth Avenue

San Diego, CA

Drop by for a beverage or 2 and meet some of your colleagues located around the country! Take a break and enjoy some of the lastest and great craft brews and fare!
Changchun School morning exercises

Steak and Sups

Thursday, Feb. 13th, 7pm

285 J Street

San Diego, CA

You know the place. You know the steak and seafood. Come join us! We can accompany up to 20 attendees (as of this publication, we have 17) - so Tweet or Vox us! OR...find one of our poker chips!

UBER code: EitnerEDU

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Love, chocolates, flowers, cigars and more!

Friday, Feb. 14th, 10pm-12am

503 Fifth Avenue

San Diego, CA

We know V-Day is kind of over-rated, but cigars and drinks aren't. Ever. Come join Jay for some spectacular smokes and drinks to end a day of learning!

*MUST BE 21*

UBER code: EitnerEDU

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