My Rockstars!

September can be amazing!

Hi gorgeous girls!!

Hi my gorgeous ladies. I hope you are having a great week and a great start to fall!! I am so glad that lots of you are keeping me updated on your progress as far as your Sept goals go! I really really want to be able to gift you that product credit because BELIEVE ME when you see some pics from the Holiday Capsule coming out October 1st you are going to go crazy!!! And $200 in extra credits is going to be so nice to get some of the new pieces....saw some sneak peek pics at our boot camp Tuesday night and I was amazed. Every time they come it with chic and even more fashion forward pieces..I guess that's what you get when your designer started jewelry for Banana Republic and has designed for crazy successful fashion companies and designers!!!

Los of you are just a trunk show or 2 away and 1 stylist away from reaching your goal and you can totally do it!! Show the Trunk Show Hostess Exclusive pieces that only hostesses can order, offer a free pouf for hosting, push them into saying "Yeah sure, why not??" Makes them feel like you are doing me a favor!!


It's Not Icky and it won't hurt...promise!!;)

Okay so I know the thought Of sponsoring might be frightening or intimidating to you but it totally should not be!! I felt the same way when I began but as soon as I saw a girl who I thought would be good at what I do and who would love it, I simple asked her if she ever thought if bring a stylist, that's all it took!!! Sometimes people are already thinking about it they have just never been asked. Tell them you trout of them or are asking them because they are super cute, stylish and seem so much fun and have a great personality!! That's what I did with all my girls!!! I had a feeling they would love it and be great at it and I just asked!! So here are some ways to plant that seed, especially at the trunk show:

-if someone asks you if this is all yours say:

"Yes it sure is!! These are my samples and my personal collection!! That's one of the best parts of being a stylist!! I get to wear this every single day, it makes shopping and getting ready so much more fun! Plus I earned almost all of it so I didn't have to spend hardly anything!! Other than the money I make doing this, it's the best part about what I do!!"

-if someone says, "I'm not a salesperson" say:

"Oh Lordy I am not either! I have never been a salesperson and don't like that kind if stuff!! Stella and Dot is totally not a sales thing, I am a stylist!! I simply book trunk shows, get the ladies there, hang out with them and show then so cute and fashionable jewelry!!! Once the ladies come to the trunk show and see it in person, it totally sells itself!!"

-if someone says "I would love to do this too I just don't have the time" say

"Oh I totally get it. I felt that way too. 70% if our stylist have full tie jobs!!I have a full time job that's demanding but I wanted something for me that I could have fun with, make some money, get some great jewels and not be stressful!! My job is stressful enough, that's why I love this, it's like social time for me while making great money"

-If someone says "I don't really know that much about style or fashion" say

"Yeah I didn't think I did either but I found you just throw yourself into it!! I kind of just winged it at first! If you act like you know what you are talking about and hare confident you are fine!! I have learned so much as I have gone along!!"

Make any excuse they have into a "Yeah I hear ya but...." And give them 3 or 4 reasons why that's okay and why Stella and Dot will work for them!! You have seen how much you have made by simply having a few trunk shows and how much jewelry you have earned....share the excitement!!!!!

Moral to the Story: Sponsoring is NOT HARD or SCARY!! It's easy and fun and will really help you make some amazing money and get even more product credits so just do it!!!

Hostess Motivation

So lately I have realized how important hostess coaching is and making sure the hostess is prepared can be. I had a show last week where the hostess was super excited and got involved in getting the word out and she ended up with $950 in free shopping and I made $950 that night (thanks for the help Cecille!!!!!!) this is what I do once I get a show set:

1. If its within a month period, send out the Save the Date (I use red stamp)

Tell hostess to text it and email it to as many people as she can think of (40+!!!)

Have hostess CC you when she forwards the email so you can see all the addresses she sent it to

2. Send her a Hostess Goodie Pack in the Mail

Make it fun for her, like she is getting some fun goodies!! I put this in my packets:

-a Stella and Dot folder with:

-2 or 3 catalogs

-10 or so Mini look books

-opportunity brochure (ask her if she might know if a cute stylish girl who would love this!! You are subliminally telling her to think of herself. Trust me it works!!)

-3 or 4 order form for her to get outside orders

-Hostess Order Form and out on the top in big letters with a sharpie :My I Want It Free List!! (That will get her excited to look thru the catalog and pick out stuff she wants then she will want to get as many orders and people there as possible so she can get lots if credits!!!)

-send her a personalized note saying thanks for hosting and how much you are looking forward to it!!!

-Tell her if she gets 3 or more outside orders before her show you will gift her a friendship bracelet or a pouf!!

-About 2 or so weeks before the show, input the emails into the Stylist Lounge Trunk Show Planner

-3 days before send her a reminder text and email, using red stamp to send to her ladies

After the Show:

-send her a Thank you email and then a card in the mail

-Send a Thank You to all the people who ordered!!!!! So important!!

-Send an email to the people who didn't make it or all the emails telling them how fun you had, what the favorite pieces were, what was popular (use pics!!) and let them know you missed them but they can still order online and give them the web link!

When a Hostess gets that packet and can see you made it personal, it will make her excited, motivated and really thankful and want to really try for a great show!!

The shows I have done this for have been so much more successful then the ones I used to do before I started this!! PROMISE!!!

I know you all don't need all of this because you know it but I just get so excited to share new tips and info with you because I want to help you do the most amazing things you can possibly do and I truly believe you can!!!!! You all are the best!!!


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