Human Impacts on Oceans

Jordyn Hendrix & Joseph Putnam

Positive Impacts

Nagative Impacts

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Oil Spills

Oil Spills are a nagative impact because when the oil is spilled in the the ocean some of the oil stops floating the the suface and eventually sinks to the bottom and destroys the marine life ecosystems. The oil does this by killing or contaminating many fish and smaller organisms that are links to the food chain.
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Ocean Poillution is a nagative Impact because it effects the food chain, disrupts the cycle of cloral reefs, and depletes oxygen content in the water. It also kills many of the fish and many other organisms that live in the ocean.
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Over Fishing

Over Fishing is a nagative impact because it affects the balance of marine life in the ocean. It also affects the food chain and destroys the habitat for many aquatic species. Many fish are caught over the year and are used as a souce of protien for human, but neither do the know that is limits the size of fish in the ocean.