Numeracy Support Skills

Teacher Aide workshop, Palmerston North. 16/09/13

Evaluation of workshop

  • Facilitator's punctuality: 100% excellent
  • Facilitator's presentation: 9% good; 91% excellent
  • Materials used: 27% good; 73% excellent
  • Pace of training: 27% good; 73% excellent
  • Variety of activities: 27%good; 73% excellent
  • Usefulness of strategies: 18% good; 82% excellent
  • Confidence to employ strategies in class: 100% excellent
  • Time allowed to cover content: 18% adequate; 9% good; 73% excellent

What went well?

  • Presented by somebody with a passion and belief in what they do.
  • Nice relaxed way to do a course.
  • Well demonstrated, but could be longer and cover more activities.
  • Language was easy to understand, I felt part of the learning (included).
  • All of it. I loved how we were shown how to use the number cards.
  • Very enjoyable class. Would be interested in more. Thank you.
  • Was good to learn about some new strategies, resources, games to aid teaching of basic facts, especially when working with students struggling with basic addition.
  • Quick overviews of what's available in time frame. Information you could understand and relate to.
  • Stayed focused and on track, but didn't feel rigid or like you couldn't ask questions... basically time was well used.
  • Creating activity for ourselves. Using materials from NDP. Assessment discovery that book rings with cards with basic facts to learn.

What was particularly useful?

  • Book ring with facts to learn - changes results.
  • Examples of games and different strategies.
  • The hierarchy of basic facts, because we were able to identify where the children should be, and their actual levels.
  • Strategies (various and new) to try and teach basic facts with struggling students.
  • The new game.
  • The practical example of the resources. I know how to use them now.
  • Looking at ready made activities, and making our own.
  • Pointed to the website. Explanation of the games (that would otherwise sit in the resource cupboard at work).

Did it fit your training needs?

  • It was useful.
  • For 1:1, yes. Would also be useful if given the opportunity to work with groups.
  • Definitely. Thank you so much.
  • I'm not doing math at moment. Would've been great for me several years back.
  • Yes! (5 participants)

What could be improved?

  • Longer!
  • Maybe more talking time for participants, and discuss different strategies.
  • Nothing
  • Place and set up that was easier for presenter.
  • Longer session - to make some more resources.
  • A longer session!

Did we cover anything that you would like more information about?

  • Learning styles.
  • No, can work on what was presented until next time. :)
  • No, I think I'm OK. Will follow up on useful websites given: the wiki, and NZMaths.
  • Demonstrate teaching.
  • Will look online/ await email invite to wiki.
  • For a starter this is great. I often feel a dunce finding ways to teach basic facts, so building on from this would be appreciated.

Any other comments or suggestions?

  • Thank you so much for your time, your honesty and your approachable manner.
  • Another session - another math based topic: fractions, shape, measurement etc.
  • Thanks for your time.
  • Enjoyable session. Refreshing to have information presented to help our children.
  • Thanks heaps.
  • Thank you for giving your time to cover some of your resources.
  • More time to share ideas.