Three Blind Mice

By Peter S.

Chapter One

All three blind mice bit the farmer’s wife on accident when she was watering plants outside near the mice’s’ house. The farmer’s wife called the mice police and she petitioned with her husband for their arrest. The mice were arrested by the mice police. Before the trial the three blind mice are bailed by their parents before the court date.

Chapter Two

A month later on the court date the mice appear in court for their violent biting considered a felony by the Grand Jury in court on that day. The Jury decided that the three mice should be in indictment. Later that day, the mice are shown a subpoena and told by the police that they got an arraignment and that they have to go to a Petit Jury later in the afternoon.

Chapter Three

Later on in the afternoon the three blind mice showed up in court, the mice got a Public Defender because they had no money and their parents didn't have money either since they bailed the mice. The persecutor has a lawyer and the lawyer is already proving to the judge that the defendant is guilty. Also the farmer is a witness who told the judge that he saw the mice running away from the farmer’s wife when she screamed after they bit her, but the mice are really sorry and they decide to plea bargain. The wife of the farmer feels sympathy for them because she got their home wet when she was watering the plants and she tells the judge she does not want a serious persecution of the defendants because they did not have perjury toward the evidence the lawyer and the witness provided. The judge took her advice into consideration. After the evidence was fully presented the mice were given a verdict of guilty by the judge and the Petit Jury convicted the three blind mice and they were sent to prison for 30 days. The three blind mice did not decide to put on an appeal so they were sent to jail for 30 days and then returned to their home.