Kristen y Maddis yolo swag pagent

:-) bring UR kids!!!!!

The day is cumin up!!!!! Ehehehehehe :-D

This pagent will be featuring honey boo Booz!! Cuz we LUV her!!!! Tru idol. Pagent is based on swag and yolks. U can trade swags 4 yolos!! (-: ehehehehehe we r x cited!!!

Yolo swag pagent !!! Yolo!!!

Monday, June 3rd 2013 at 11:15pm

Emma grants house

Wear UR most swag outfit. Ehehehehehe then u can win. Luv!!! Luv this pagent. We will provide lots of food! Y lemonade!!! Yummi!! Ehehehehehe best pagent in le world!!

Pagent scedule!!!! :-*

10:00 arrive at the venue

11:45 go inside.

12:00 get ready for le pagent!!!

2:45 am start first round of swag

6:00 am first round of yolo!!!!!

1:00 pm find our re Zults.

6:00 pm drink some lemonade


Amenda Sentana!!!

Emma Grent

Clerdia Bistan

Carolyn Beck

Camerin Castillo

Delani Hoffmin