The FRIDAY Review

January 10, 2020

From Mrs. Lewis...

  • Student Support Smore(January) -
  • Staff Chromebook /Laptops - On Monday (1/13), Ms. Harris will be coming around during your electives to do a physical inventory on technology in order to check asset/serial numbers and to make sure that all teacher chromebook/laptops are in the system. Please make sure you bring yours to school on Monday.

  • Clubs - Clubs will begin on February 13th. They will be held on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays at 2:50pm. More details to come from Mr. Smith.

  • Sunshine Calendar Events - Unity Prayer in Media Center at 7:50am on Monday, Hat Day on Wednesday, Jeans on Friday.

  • Soup Collection (Sharyl Gross) - SHMS Jr. Beta Club will be collecting canned foods until Feb. 2 to support the "Souper Bowl of Caring"! Students and staff who bring in canned foods will be added to the "Hall of Fame" wall in the front lobby! All items donated will be given to those in our community who are in need! Cans will be collected by Jr. Beta students in the school lobby.

  • Awards - Feb. 6th (Invitations will go home with report cards.) Be ready to nominate students for Spartan Awards.

  • DOOR LOCKS - Maintenance workers will be working on key locks on all doors in the building this week. (Classroom and outside doors)

  • Student Recovery - Hejaz Nimetullah (7th grade student) was recently hit by a car and flown to Levine's Children's Hospital. He escaped with no broken bones, but suffered a brain bleed. He is now talking and walking and will possibly be released to go home this week.

  • CHEERLEADERS - Cheerleaders are to report on the 2nd bell to Mrs. Williams' room for study hall. (Thank you, Mrs. Williams, for volunteering your time.)

  • SNOWBALL DANCE - Jan 24th, 4 - 6pm. Each grade level, Elective Team and Support Staff will need to have 2 volunteers to help supervise. Students are eligible if they have NO ISS / OSS AND have made their stamps for TLC each week. PLEASE ANNOUNCE!

  • NEW REPORTING SYSTEM - The state superintendent is requiring that all Districts adopt a Say Something Anonymous Reporting System (Grades 6 - 12). The reporting system is mandated by NC General Statute 115C-105.51. The system is monitored 24 hours, 365 days a year to vet and monitor any tips concerning individuals who may be at risk of hurting themselves or others. Reports are made via a mobile app, website or by calling SS-ARS Crisis Center. Students will be trained on how to access the report system. More information to come.

  • TESTING THIS WEEK - 8th grade Science (Wed 1/8), 6 - 8th grade Reading (Fri 1/10) and 6 - 8th grade Math (Tues 1/14). NO ELECTIVES ON Fri (1/10) or Tues (1/14). Please schedule your core classes accordingly.
  • CHROMEBOOK COLLECTION - Thursday, 1/9 -Teachers, please have your chromebooks and chargers in one location on Thursday so that pull out students' chromebooks can be picked up. Teachers should not plan on using Chromebooks for instruction on Thursday - Tuesday so that preparations for testing can be made. Be sure that all students bring their chromebooks on Thursday and leave them at school until Tuesday for testing purposes. NO STUDENT SHOULD TAKE THEIR CHROMEBOOK HOME FROM THURSDAY -TUESDAY.
  • ELECTIVE TEACHERS - Students will not bring Chromebooks to Elective classes on Thursday or Monday. They will be collected for testing. (NO Elective classes on Friday or Tuesday).
  • CALCULATOR COLLECTION - Calculators for testing with pull out students will be collected on Monday (1/13). Please have them in an easy location for pick up.
  • Don't forget to click on
  • PARENT CALL - Be sure to call the parent of any student that is written up on the day the referral is submitted. Don't forget to call when a cell phone has been confiscated, as well. Thanks!
  • SMART LUNCH - No Smart Lunch due to testing UNTIL Jan 23.


  • NON-NEGOTIABLES - (teach on your feet unless you are conducting small group instruction, cell phones away while students are in your care, while on duty and/or during professional meetings, Praise in public - reprimand in private, SHMS is a no yell zone, students should be supervised at ALL times, the Friday Review and all emails will be read in a timely manner)

From Mrs. Tippett

    • 7th, 8th & elective teachers------Please open the athletics spreadsheet below to view game dates & dismissal times for our athletes. You may want to print out a copy so you will know when to send athletes to the gym at the designated time. Please see me or the coach if you have any questions.


    • Please ensure that safety procedures and information are included in all substitute plans.


    • Requests for calculator batteries should have been reported before Christmas break.
    Check-In 2 schedule:
    • Science, Wednesday, January 8
    • ELA, Friday, January 10
    • Math, Tuesday, January 14


    Due to an Optional Workday, We will have PLCs on Thursday, January 23, 2020.

    During PLCs, we discussed Vocabulary and it's utilization in class. Hopefully, you were able to add tools to your toolbox for vocabulary instruction. When we meet next, please have a Vocabulary Strategy to share.

    If you have not done so, sign up for If you have already done so, click on the link. It'll just update your account. Nothing will change.

    As a school, we have several resources. Please be sure you are utilizing these resources, when planning.

    As discussed at the last PLC, Benchmark and Checkin Data are due on January 28, 2020.

    Many teachers have not used NewsELA. Please be reminded, there is a school expectation that all Core Teachers (except Math) incorporate Passages in their instruction. Teachers should be reviewing text structures in this process. NewsELA was purchased to assist with finding passages. If you have not signed your students up, please do so ASAP. Use your account to sign up.

    Please update your lesson plans in the correct folder. Plans should include 2 HOT questions per learning activity and Extended Passages.

    This month the Instructional Foci are Vocabulary and Higher Order Thinking Questions (HOT). Be reminded it is a focus for Walkthroughs along with rigor (alignment, assignments, writing, and questioning) and engagement (movement, summarizer, writing). The teachers chosen for next week are Bream, Theel and A. Chavis

    As always, I am here for anyone who needs me. EJ

    Upcoming Dates

    • January 13 - Calculator Check In

    • January 13-17- CTE Post Assessments Window - Middle School

    • January 14 - (6 - 8th grade) Math Check In

    • January 17 - End of Grading Period

    • January 20 - Holiday (Martin Luther King)

    • January 21 - Teacher Workday

    • January 22- Morning/Afternoon Duty Change

    • January 23- 6th Band Concert
    • January 24 - TLC
    • January 24 - Snowball Dance (No ISS / OSS / Must have made TLC since 1/13/20)
    • January 29- Report Cards go home (Invitations for Awards Program go Home)
    • January 27- SIT meeting
    • January 31- TLC

    Friday Review information is due to Pam Lewis by Thursdays at 4:00pm at