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Students in Vietnam want to talk to you by Skype

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Skype with a student in Vietnam

Native English speakers talk live over the Internet with students studying English at university in Vietnam.

Students practice vocabulary, improve their English speaking skills and share knowledge about Vietnamese culture. Conversations take place on Skype, last 45 minutes to an hour and are between one student and one volunteer. They are held at 7 p.m. in Vietnam. Conversations are on topics discussed in their English classes and give students a chance to have English conversations about those topics. The program begins on August 31 and conversations take place any day that fits your schedule.

Who are we?

Community English Club

The Community English Club is a student-led organization in Thai Nguyen, Vietnam which provides its members with opportunities to practise English, to acquire 21st century skills, and to develop student leadership.





English Department

School of Foreign Languages

Thai Nguyen University
The School of Foreign Languages was established in 1978. The students mainly come from mountainous provinces in northern Vietnam. There are about 3,000 students in the School of Foreign Languages at Thai Nguyen University. There are 43 teachers in the English Department and about 1,500 students.

Our partners


The project aims to help students improve their speaking and pronunciation skills and to become confident talking to foreigners in English. It also aims to make cultural connections between students in Vietnam and others.


The project is a collaboration between CEC - Community English Club, School of Foreign Languages students at Thai Nguyen University and foreign volunteers interested in helping the students to improve their English skills. Many of the volunteers are teachers and have experience teaching English as a Second Language both at home and in foreign countries.

What the students say:

I have learned lots of new vocabulary. I also knew about places which only appear in the text books. Now I have a chance to understand real things stepping outside the books. Thank you very much!

-- Nguyen Hai Viet, an English-French student at SFL

Want to help?

Send us an email with a resume and your Skype address. Let us know when is the best time for you to talk to students.

Yen Tran Thi Hai tranhaiyen.sfl@tnu.edu.vn

Roger Gillespie gillespie.roger@gmail.com