10 Things to live by

Kimberly Lopez

Staying positive

I have always tried to think positive to make sure good things happen in my life. I always have to make the best out of every situations. Doing this always puts me in a good mood.
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Be proud of who you are

I think everyone should be more confident because it helps them feel good about themselves and enjoy life more. I always try to be confident even if i am in doubt because I know I can do it if I really try.
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Figure it out

Figuring it out means to stop saying you can't and start finding ways to accomplish it.Anyone can say they can't do something but it takes a determined person to try and find ways around things.
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Try something new

Trying new things and doing dumb ideas are all part of life and I think people have to make mistakes to make memories and learn from them.
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Dont judge people by there past because everyone has stuff that they wish never happened but once it happens we cant change it we can only overcome it.
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Believe in what you want

Don't let other people make you descions for you. I should be able to think what I want even if its not what my parents or other want for me.
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My dream is to learn how to play the piano. It is very relaxing and beautiful. I would never give up and opputruity to play any music intsrument because I think it takes an amazing persont o make sound like the music does.
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Songs that inspire me

Many sound inspire me and make me wanna be a better person. Music is the way to the soul. It shows who you are and always helps me in time of diffculty. This song shows the truth of overcmong things and to go after what you want. also, its about trying to be what someone wants you to be.
Angus and Julia Stone - You're The One That I Want (cover)


I want to explore the world. I hope that someday I can fufill me hopes of traveling. I dont like to stay in the same spot so I plan to move around alot and discover new things.

Help foregin countries

I have always wanted to help other. I plan to be a doctor so I would like to travel and help all the others who cant affored it. I even would like to travel the U.S because I know there is people who need help here to. I think helping others is something that will make me a better person and encourge more people to help and change people's lives.
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