Being civil or Being right?

Miranda Lowman (period 7)

The Civil Rights

The civil rights went on for many years. Many people died to fight for what they believe in, to give there kids, and their children's kids something to live for. In order for that to happen, many lives had to be lost and a lot of blood shed. The civil rights movement didn't just help African Americas out, but for people see that there is much more to this world than hating people for their skin color. Through this fight, it led people to have a connection with others, and all races, it caused the first black president in the history of america to step up and take control. Who would've ever thought that would happen?

The civil rights has made the United States a more equal and justice society by showing how life should never be. We give hope to our children that the generations after us don't do what the generations before us did, but to go in with a heart and a will to fight for justice. The Civil Rights gave everyone a right to freedom. Not all white people hated African Americans, not everyone wanted to light their houses on fire and kill every single one of them. This also gave whites a sense of freedom, that the fight is over. There's nothing else to do but let life go day by day. The civil rights will forever and always be one of Americas changing points in history. Its gave freedom to every person through the states.

There were many different tactics used during the civil rights movement. There were two sides to those tactics, the white peoples side and African American side.

Not every white person hated blacks. A majority didn't agree with the way people treated innocent victims. White people (and other groups, ex: kkk) were killing, and torturing black people for their skin color.

White Americans would do many things to prove that they didn't want rights for African Americans. They would go to churches and kill innocent people ( kids) to prove their point. People would grab people walking off the side walks, beat and torture them until death, and then take them to a public place to show their seriousness towards African Americans. Some white Americans would even kill other white people for helping/ sticking up for blacks.

African Americans tactics were extremely different. Strong leaders of cultural groups chose to have no violence towards whites. Martin Luther King was very serious about keeping the piece while protesting. When MLK gave over 200,000 black and white Americans to not give up, to not fight back with fist, but with words, is when it started sinking into people. When you fight back, is when whites have a right to prove once again, that they have all the power and blacks don't.

The evenings of goodness

The civil rights passed on July of 1964. The congress passed laws forbidding racial discrimination in many areas of life including hotels, voting, employment, and schools. This was the ending point of everyone suffering, but the beginning for a new life and freedom.

The 24th amendment was a happy time for African Americans. The amendment included the voting of African Americans. Poll tax was used to prevent African Americas from voting. The poll tax was outlawed on January of 1964. Black voter registrations increased and candid's began to turn away from white supremacy views in attempt to attract black voters.

On August 8th, 1963, more than 200,000 African Americans gathered in Washington D.C for political rally and amazing speeches. Martin Luther King gave his most famous speech " i have a dream" He wanted to stop racial discrimination so badly he put his life in jeopardy everyday until some one took it. The Big meeting was to give people hope in the times of struggle, and to show that Racial unfairness will end.

The Montgomery buss boycott was a time in which African Americas started rebelling. When Rosa Parks of Montgomery Alabama did not give up her seat to a white bus rider and defying a southern custom, she was jailed. A community Boycott of the cities buses had begun. The boycott lasted more than 365 days. Demonstrating unity in blacks everywhere. - December 1st, 1955

Even though the declaration of independence stated that " all men are treated equal " due to slavery, this was not initiated towards blacks. The brown V.S board of education was actually 5 cases given to the supreme court concerning segregation in schools. The supreme court reverses plessy by stating that separate schools are by nature, unequal schools are orders to desegregate " with all deliberate speech.

The hero's of silence

James Bevel was a leader for mass meetings at churches during the civil rights movement. James would train people in philosophy of non- violence and teach them how to endure the harassment, the being spit on, and beaten on everyday at school. The teenagers of these times really looked up to James for guidance and support. They knew that each and every one could count on him because he was their Buddah. James Bevel is a big hero to kids, teens and adults of that time. He will always be looked up to.

Nine months before The montgomery buss boycott, a teenage girl names claudette Colvin took her own seat for justice. A white women didn't want to sit next to a colored girl. The bus driver saw what was happening, and missed claudette's drop off. Claudette got angry and said "i paid my fare and this is my constitutional right" when a female officer arrives not the scene, so does two more male officers, they drag her off the bus and send her to jail. She is charged with violating segregation laws. After she had been arrested, her mom

called the minister montegomery NAACP E.D Nixon, It was only 3 hours until someone paid to get her out. After she had gotten out, word had spread through the streets and on the news papers. She was known as the girl that had no rights. This made everyone realize that they need to stick up for themselves, and protect their rights.


Coltrane did not need any lyrics to show the injustice, violence, and appresion that African Americans were facing in Alabama. Coltrane wrote the song after hearing about 4 girls who were killed in a church bombing in Birmingham. He used MLK cadence from his truology. This song captured both the struggle, adversity, and hope for change.

" well i heard mister young sing about her

well, i heard ole neil put her down
well, i hope neil young will remember
a southern man don't need him around anyhow
sweet home alabama
where the skies are so blue
sweet home alabama
lord, i'm coming home to you "