NASA Space Spinoffs

By Christian M.

Have you ever wondered how space exploration impacts your daily life?

Space exploration has created new markets and new technologies that have spurred our economy and changed our lives in many ways!

NASA Spinoffs

NASA Smaller And Safer Solar Cells And How It Helps

It is flexible and is to be made in various standard and custom configurations to meet needed standards and roll able tho durable.
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How the infrared image system helps

It locates personnel stranded in emergency situations.

It also defend soldiers on battle fields and and protects high-value facilities and operations.

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More Healthy Food

The substitute, an emulation of 9% of vegetable oil and 62% water, and is available in liquid, gel, or dry form.

It can replace 90% of the fat in a variety of foods, making them more healthful without sacrificing the taste.

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Secure Communication Systems

It transmits information across the internet in an extremely secure manor.

It helps on earth by, The technology led to communication solutions in military and first response situations.

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Why not reduce the amount of money we spend on space exploration and increase funding for social programs?

In 1969, at the height of the Apollo Moon landing program NASA received about four cents out of each dollar in the national budget. Today, that is down to just over one cent. The amount spent on social programs is so much larger than that spent on space that diverting funds from NASA would not provide a very significant percentage increase. But NASA is at the "cutting edge" of aerospace technology in the United States, and such a loss would be a severe blow to the advances and practical benefits that flow from NASA-developed technology

What is NASA's Role In Aeronautics?

NASA develops innovative concepts for new technologies, or improvements in existing ones, over a broad range of aircraft applications, including subsonic transports, rotorcraft, high- performance aircraft, and hypersonic/transatmospheric vehicles. NASA also works closely with the Federal Aviation Administration to address important issues in aviation safety, air traffic control and aircraft certification requirements.

Texting Plants!?

AgriHouse Brands Ltd. used technology used by a partnership from NASA and Bio Search Space Technologies to create a leaf sensor that text their farmers when other plants need water!
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Search And Rescue Tracking System!

NASA developed SARSAT to improve distress signal communication.

Over 30,000 people have been saved from this device!

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Some important facts!

Why was your topic important to Space exploration?

My topic is important to space exploration because all of these new inventions can help in some kind of way, take the SARSAT for instance, it can find if there is any living life in space!

What was the purpose of your topic?

The purpose of my topic was to show some of the cool things that NASA has made to help us in out daily lives.

The important place that NASA was founded.

The important place NASA was founded is The United States Of America!

When was NASA discovered?

NASA was founded March 28, 2008

How does NASA spin offs help our daily life?

NASA technologies help our daily life because, they have made ear thermometers that can tell if something is wrong with your ear. NASA has also made a device that has saved over 30,000 people! (SARSAT)