December 2021 – Volume XXXVIII– Issue 3


Meeting Location: West Freeway Church of Christ

1900 S. Las Vegas Trail Fort Worth, TX 76108

President: Molly Risewick 817-721-0500

President-Elect: Wanda Edmunds 682-560-9101


December is our Christmas party month!

Notes from the President

Merry Christmas! I hope this newsletter finds you well and on your way to being ready for the holiday season. I still have some bindings to take care of before I can send a few gifts off, not to mention a few other things (like decorate the inside of my house before my parents arrive). As I make my to-do list and I stress over when I am going to fit in certain activities, I have to remind myself that these activities that are keeping me busy are NOT the most important part of this season. I hope that you are all able to take a moment or two to reflect on the past year and find the golden nuggets. The moments that made you laugh. The moments that touched your heart. While you are bustling around, don’t forget to check in on others who are not part of your immediate circle. You never know when your kind word or deed will touch the heart of someone who desperately needed to know that they are seen by someone. Spread love and cheer this holiday season, as much as you are able, and it will return to you tenfold.

Wishing you all the blessings and joy of the season.

Before I close out, there is some guild business.

  • We discussed a few months ago the need to raise the cost of workshop fees so that they would come closer to covering the cost of the programs that the guild provides for us. We will be voting on a ten dollar increase; 35 dollars for members and 45 dollars for non-members for workshops staring in February, 2022.
  • There will be no show and tell this month and NO Free table and No Zoom.

So let's flood our Facebook page with the things you have been making.

Programs has a full agenda, so the meeting portion will be short to accommodate our Christmas party.

Merry Christmas

Molly Risewick


The board meetings are on the 1st Monday of the month via Zoom link starting at 6:30 pm. If you have something that needs to be brought to the board’s attention or would like a link to the meeting, please contact a board member. Board meetings are open to all, but only board members may vote.

Upcoming Program: Holiday Extravaganza

We're checking our list make sure that your name is on the guild's Holiday extravaganza rolls scheduled for December 21st! We will talk and laugh and eat and craft and maybe even sing a little! Remember to bring an ornament (homemade, if possible) in any sized paper bag for the very silly exchange game that will leave you not knowing your left from your, right!!! We are so looking forward to being together again and hope that you will make a special effort to join us!!!

In January, Sherry Worley will tell us what it's like 'Running with the Big Dogs: Keeping up with my Wildly Competitive Bee'. You will laugh a lot and probably come away cherishing you bee and/or guild sisters a little more!

Nationally known Terry Mosher will present his lecture about male quilters in February. Terry is a lot of fun and has an encyclopedic knowledge of the American quilt scene. The workshop that he will present on Saturday, the 19th, will open your eyes to the magic of English paper piecing and how you can manipulate fabric to create marvelous designs and patterns! He will lead us in creating a 'millefiore' piece that you can have mostly done at the workshop to be a table topper...or maybe you will be bitten by the EPP bug and you'll be on your way to making a king sized quilt!!

In March, the marketing director from the Hobbs batting company will give us a detailed overview of all the different kinds of batting that are available for your next quilt. Surprises are guaranteed!

However you choose to participate, we are looking forward to seeing YOU!!


Consider making a mini quilt / small wall hanging for next summer’s quilt show. It helps pay for our programs and activities. It can be any size or shape no larger than a 24 x 24 inch square.

This month’s suggestion looks at APPLIQUE… needle-turn, machine, raw edge… If you need inspiration, think: Baltimore Album, Broiderie Perse, Hawaiian, collage, pictorial (stained glass and embroidery pattern books are a rich source.)

I have penciled down sit-and-sews for 1st Tuesdays through June from 1-5 pm in my home. The playroom can accommodate 7 stitchers. It’s free, but you need to sign up at Guild and make a $10 deposit to be returned when you arrive. You may work on a mini for the Guild or for yourself. Next sit-and-sew is January 4.

Jonquele Jones
Fort Worth, TX


Just a reminder for those of you who have not yet paid your dues for the 2021-2022 year, your membership check made out to Fort Worth Quilt Guild may be sent to the address below.
Judi Janes
4520 Altamesa Blvd.
Fort Worth, Texas 76133

Dues are as follows:
$30 for those under 65
$25 for those 65 and older
Free for those 80 and over with 10 years membership in FWQG

Wishing you all a safe and happy holiday season,
Judi Janes and Carolyn Hughes
Membership Co-Chairs



Secret Quilt Buddies has been put on Hold for now

HUGS quilts

Mary Lou has requested additional nine patches for HUGS quilts. The nine patches should have five brightly colored squares and 4 white squares. 2.5" squares, finishing at a 6.5" block. Correction: To be extra helpful, add sashing, 2.5" wide to finish at 9.5".







Bev Ramsey was a charter member of the guild, a past president, teacher, and friend. We lost her way too early. The fund was set up to help those in need to be able to enjoy the things she loved very much, retreats and workshops.


Quilts of Valor

If you have a quilt or a top for the quilts of valor program, please contact

Suzanne DiCarlo, Information and Help Desk Coordinator, QOVF

email is

phone 864-567-6823.

QOV will also have a booth at the Quilt Show.


NICU Quilts

Please consider making a couple of 36" square NICU quilts for JPS. It's a great chance to use up some stash, try a new pattern, etc. I will be collecting them at meetings. Their website, below, identifies other needs for sewn, knitted and crocheted donations.

When I have a new pattern I want to try, I will frequently practice my blocks with a NICU quilt - I just finished a top using a crumb quilt pattern. However, despite continuing to make scrappy NICU quilts, my pile of scraps doesn't seem to be diminishing!

Julia Hedden


Minutes from November Meeting

President, Molly Risewick called the meeting to order at 6:30 pm, November 16th

The Treasurer's report was sent to the membership via email. A motion was made by Judy Turner to accept the Treasurer's report. It was seconded by Dorene Agustyn. All members were in favor.

Old Business: Lynda McGee was voted in as the new Member at Large.

New Business: Molly informed the Guild about a large amount of Janie quilts that have been kept in the storage building. These were originally to go to victims of natural disasters such as fires, floods etc. Email Molly if you have ideas for distributing them.


Mary Lou Nelson will have kits ready to complete after the first of the year.

NICU quilts

Julie Hedden is in charge of these and they are to be made 36” x 36”.


Karen Rhyneer is taking reservations and deposits for the Guild quilt retreat in April.


The next Mini’s Sit & Sew will be held at Jonquele Jones's home on December 7th. Barbara Dumas showed several of Jonquele's minis.

Raffle Quilt

Cecilia Buckholz still has raffle tickets to pick up. Each member is to sell or purchase $20 worth of tickets.


Send ideas of interest to Dorene Agustyn.


Shelley Clauss made the Program announcements, in Thayne’s absence.

January program will be Sherry Worley-Running with the Big Dogs, a hilarious account of her attempts to keep up with her wildly competitive bee friends!

February: Terri Mosher presents a lecture on the History of Male Quilters and then, on Saturday, 19th, he will lead us in an English Paper Piecing workshop on the Millefiori pattern that can end up as a table topper or a king sized quilt. It's all up to you!

March: Stephanie Hackney, a representative of the Hobbs company, will present a lecture on the varieties of battings and how to choose which one to use for your project.


32 members were in attendance and we had six visitors.

Show and Tell

Sarah Tutt showed “Trinity Kaleidoscope”, made for Lynda Hill. It was made in a class at Berry Patch, using a Ricky Timms technique.

Beverly Peterson showed “Because of the Cross”. A quilt she made and quilted for her prayer group.

Beverly Peterson also showed “Boots and Fiddles make beautiful music”, a quilt she made for a friend, who is Bob Wills (King of Western Swing) granddaughter.

Cecilia Buckholz showed “Sparkle”, quilted by herself. She completed it at a retreat at Patti’s Last Resort.

Kay Brumbalow showed “The Mystery of the Salem Quilt Guild”. Kay quilted it and made it for her daughter Kristi. It was 1st traced, then colored with Crayola’s- then embroidered. She had no idea it was so involved when her daughter saw it and fell in love. It came from the Compass Center.

Jean Moulder showed book pillows she made and quilted for 3 grandchildren and three great nieces. She says she’s tired of making pillow cases!

Ann Houpt showed “Amish pictures and tulips”, quilted by David Beers and made for herself. (I love panels-am a “collector” so decided I ought to make a quilt. This was my first experiment.)

Julie Hedden modeled “The long overdue jacket”. A jacket she made and quilted for herself. Finally finished jacket from a workshop 3(?)years ago.

Meeting adjourned at 8:00 PM.

Submitted by Cecilia Buckholz, Secretary

2020-2021 Board and Committees


President- Molly Risewick 817-721-0500

President Elect- Wanda Edmunds 682-560-9101
Vice President- Thayne Rooney 817-223-3982
Vice- President- Shelley Clauss 817-994-0195
Secretary- Cecelia Buckholz 817-480-7606
Treasurer- Karen Wiesman
Member at Large- Sue Hilgardner
Member at Large-Lynda McGee

Past President/Parliamentarian - Sarah Tutt 817 312 2960


Communications t

Door Prizes

Greeter Nancy Smith 817-996-6819

Hospitality Marilyn Smith 817-917-9294


NICU Julia Hedden 817.797.6109

HUGS Mary Lou Nelson

Lovies Beverly Peterson 817-346-0321

Membership Judi Janes 817-292-3948

Membership Carolyn Hughes 817-737-0997

Newsletter Julie Hedden 817-797-6109

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President's Quilt

Quilt Buddies Lori Darley 858-883-5674

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Quilt Show Rep

Quilt Show Volunteer coordinator

Quilt Show t-shirts

Quilt Show Tickets

Quilt Show Minis

Quilt Show Booth

Raffle Quilt

Raffle Quilt Tickets

Retreats Karen Rhyneer 817-597-0484

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WebMaster Dorene Augustyn 817-995-5740

Smore Administrator Shelley Clauss 817-994-0195

Newsletter Ads

If you, or anyone you know, is interested in placing an advertisement in our newsletter you can contact us by email:

Rates for Ads are $5.00 for Members and $10.00 for Non-members. to be paid thru PayPal


MARCH 4-5-6, 2022

Jackie Lehto presented a program for our Guild last July 2020 on Using Scraps. Each year she brings her much loved Quilt Camp to Texas. Quilting Camp provides a weekend quilting class with learning opportunities for both novice and confident quilters. This year there is a choice of TWO different quilts to make at quilt camp. There are six versions of the lovely and relatively easy Carpenter Star Quilt. Or, there are several variations of the Bargello. You are also welcome to work on a project of your own choosing. Careful, step-by-step instruction is given in a fun learning environment at quilting camp. You will learn techniques that will improve your quilting skills and Jackie will always be available to assist you between classes. Register for Quilt Camp before it fills up! The sooner the better!

Registration fee includes seven meals (Friday lunch, evening, Saturday breakfast, lunch, dinner, and Sunday breakfast and lunch), two nights lodging, instructional classes on how to make your selected quilt, and all activities at quilt camp. Once you have registered, you will receive a confirmation of receipt of your form within 24 hours or less. There is an additional fee for patterns for your particular quilt. Thank you. To register visit:

Quilt Camp Costs:

Deposit $75.00 or Pay in full

Work on my own Project $265

Carpenter Star Quilt $290

Bargello $300