C.I.C.A.N Chronicles

"2013 The Year of Transformation"

Week of August 25th-August 31st

Welcome To Charlotte Immanuel Church of All Nations

"The Church That Prays! Taste the Glory!

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Greetings From Bishop and Pastor Williams

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Scripture References: Genesis 12:1-3 Genesis 27:1-40 Romans 8:1-14


Isaac's eyesight was dim.

Rebecca, Isaac's wife told Jacob to deceive his father.

Why do women circumvent/ try to make things happen?

Esau became bitter after he discovered what happened.

Why is the blessing so important?

In the birthright, being the first you get the attention.

First born gets many privileges.

Memory: Oldest child watched their siblings when parents were not there.

No matter where you're from, you talk about where you are from.

God told Abraham to leave kin go to land of milk and honey so, he left his place of birth.

Your birth place leads you.

Being born somewhere has a way of making you remember whats important.

You have fond memories that follow you all your life

You have memories of certain cars, houses, childhood friends etc.

Sometimes you give up your rights and go somewhere else.

Your birthplace gives you the rights.

He left a familiar place and went to a place God didn't tell him there'd be a famine.

They didnt have laws back then. So Abraham asked Sarah to lie and say, "I'm your sister."

God had to show him you cant mess with her. She was the wrong one for Pharaoh. She was connected to a blessing. He didnt want the curse. He told them to leave.

Lot and Abraham's herdsman began to argue because there was not enough land for both their herds to graze. So Lot chose one way which led to Sodom & Gomorrah and Abraham had the other.

The Lord spoke to Abraham so he made an altar Bethe, meaning house of bread.

God spoke and said, "I'm gonna bless you." God said all the land you see, its yours and your seeds forever and eternity. No matter where you're from, someones from the seed of Abraham.

If God said it that's it!

Why the blessing?

Esau was obedient. Why was his mama showing favoritism? This made Esau look like he was nothing. Why was she partial? What happened to make her feel that way?

It always goes to your appetite or to appetite of those around you.

"Whatever your appetite, it can cause you to lose your blessing."

Isaac wanted venison before passing.

The birthright gives you certain rights.
You have the right to do what you want, wherever and whenever.

You have the "right" to stay home and right to come to church.Its your right! So why the blessing?

You have the "right" to minister, sing, teach. You have the right gift and call to go.

The prodigal son said, "I have the right, I want mine now!" " I don't want to wait on my inheritance!"

Children you have the right to not do your homework. Stay on phone iPad.... You got the right. You got right or choice to make A s or Fs. You can do it but you will wish you hadn't sometimes. Right to be in America.

We all have certain RIGHTS, so why the blessing?

Now the Lord said get the out of the country.

Why is God talking about blessing opposed to what's right?

Esau talked about the blessing only because he lost the birthright. Esau said can you "bless" me? His name means "trickster." Esau asked for a blessing NOT the birthright. He lost the birthright but did not ask for that back. He knew there was something in the blessing.

No one ever questioned Esau about birthright.

Why is it important not to concentrate on the blessing not birthright.

You have a right to join or be with anyone you want.

God said I will bless those who bless you and curse those who curse you.

Blessing-eulogy speak good word, barrack, praise the Lord, I esteem you.

What was important about Abraham. The blessings have benefits

Without faith its impossible to please God. He gives benefits to those who have faith.

Manbre- place of strength and fatness
Life bountiful.

If you operate in blessing you will be fat and strong. In the blessings is 100 fold and happiness.

Rights- get you in the pig pen, pregnant, or even 6-20 years in prison.

If you are blessed of God it makes you rich and adds no sorrow.

You have the right to be right and the right to be wrong.

In thw blessing is fullness of joy.

Why the blessing? Cause he can bless, that's why the blessing!

Eulogy-bless the food

Blessing before 12th Century was blesian which comes from the root word blod which was same word as blood.

God said when I call you I'm gonna bless you for a lifetime to eternity

Covenant so blood be applied. Some may never reached his potential.

The blessing is the blood the vine from Jesus.

want the blood get the blessing.

What about the blood, who paid the price.

When have to wait, it gets you on your face cause you feel passed over but, you gotta wait.

The blood must be applied to your life.

Praise his name! The blessing included the blood and the covenant.

Dont make another move until ya get the blessing.

When the blessing comes I will give you the ability to stand. You need the blessing!


Its truly an honor to receive the blessing! What God has blessed, no man can curse! Numbers 23:8 "How shall I curse, whom God hath not cursed? "A divine blessing has been pronounced over the posterity of Jacob; and therefore, whatever prodigies can be achieved by any charms, all magical skill, all human power, is utterly impotent to counteract the decree of God." Christ has redeemed us from the curse of the law becoming a curse for us. His blood is covenant for those that are his! Hallelujah!

We get salvation by faith and we get everything else that belongs to us because we are born again children of God by faith. Faith only comes by one way, hearing and hearing by the word of God!

We were all truly blessed by this heart transforming, mind renewing word. If you would like to receive a copy of the message, "Why the Blessing," by Bishop Rick Williams Sr, please call or come by the C.I.C.A.N bookstore to order yours today!

God bless!

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Sunday Highlights Youth/Young Adult Sunday

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Special blessing over all parents with children, young and old. Blessing over all children as they return to school.

Bless Me (Prayer of Jabez)

Weekly Reminders

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Take Two To Church Challenge

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Sunday Intercession 10:00 am Sunday Service 10:30 am

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"Couples In Christ" Marriage Ministry Meets Fourth Friday of Each Month

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Mission Soul Reach Possible

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The Youth & Young adults are sponsoring an evangelistic outreach campaign to minister "Care" to the men and women in the military. We are calling it "Mission Soulreach Possible."

We solicit your support, ideas, and participation to help us raise money for this great mission.

Will you help? Our goal is to send 25 to 50 prepackaged care packages by the end of July.

Contact: MIT Talita Mapp or Young Adult Leader Chi Chi for more information following the service.

Thank you in advance!

Never Give Up! Help Is Two Words Away!


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Support Missions

If you would like to make a monetary donation to assist with the cost of supplies etc, for the rebuilding of the clinic and orphanage and/or you would like to sponsor a child in Haiti, please call the church for more information.

Church Humor

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Happy Birthday To All August Babies!

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Special Honorary Birthday To My Father, Willis, Who Celebrated His 63rd Birthday, August 25th!

My Dads Special Birthday Blessing

Wanted to spend first part of his birthday with children & grandchildren. Spoke a blessing that his children, grandchildren etc, "We will always do good and have health and strength."

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Prayer For the Sick, Shut In and Those Who Have Lost Loved Ones

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You ARE Loved & Appreciated!

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"Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest" (Matthew 9:38).


Pray For Souls

Proverbs 11:30 "He that winneth souls is wise."

"What Do You Have In Your Hand? Is it a song? Is it a dance? Is it a poem? You can win souls for the kingdom by utilizing the gifts and talents he has given you all IN THE NAME OF JESUS! What will you do with whats in your hand? Use it to glorify God in the earth and you shall receive wages in heaven!

Romans 8:19 The creation waits in eager expectation for the sons of God to be revealed

"Gods Glory Is Being Revealed In Earthen Vessels!" Hallelujah!!!

C.I.C.A.N Youth and Young Adult Department "Fire Up"

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Prayer For All Leaders

Special Thanks!

On the behalf of Bishop and Pastor Williams, you are invited to attend any of our weekly services! "Come just as you are!"

Special thanks and appreciation for the faithfulness of all C.I.C.A.N congregants, family and friends that support this ministry. "May God never forget your labors of love!"

Remember, "There Is No Law Against Love!"

In His Presence,

The Chronicler, Shawanda "Shay" Anthony

"Sometimes those you find hardest to love need it the most."

Our Mission

To be in relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ and to reach others by preaching the gospel house to house, city to city, and nation to nation.