It's been almost 3 Nine Weeks and you are "CHANGING HEARTS"!

Thank you for using the "heart of a CHAMPION" and LEADING those ever so impressionable lives by your MODEL and your lives!!!

I know I've said this before, and I'm sure I'll say it again...and again...you, my friends, are incredible!!!

In this month's edition of the CPF, I want to "celebrate and showcase" some more of your colleagues. Today's spotlight focus rests on your incredible Physical Education Coaches, Coach Menville and Coach Gleadell. First off, if you want to see how to implement effortless procedures go pay these ladies a visit. Their student athletes know exactly what, how and when do to certain maneuvers, not limited to the way they "hit their spots" and await further instructions. At first glance you notice that there is something different about this class, obviously there aren't desks and Smartboards, but look deeper. There is mutual respect, clear and concise expectations, and a nurturing non-threatening atmosphere, which isn't the norm in a quote unquote, "PE CLASS" were the usual weeping and gnashing of teeth, and an occasional shrieking whistle IS the NORM! The main thing which caught my eye was the attention to detail on each calisthenic being performed and the correct way to achieve it. The same attention a language art teacher pays to punctuation and capitalization, are paid to the students' execution. Gently nurturing, guiding and encouragement ARE the NORM in this class! The final statement made by Coach Menville succinctly painted a picture of HIGH EXPECTATIONS tempered with, "do your best, keep YOUR pace, and if you tire out, continue to walk until you can run again." What a GREAT LIFE LESSON for everyone in the human race, no matter what we are facing, as Coach Menville instructed her athletes training for the upcoming mile run, do your best, keep YOUR pace, and if you can't run, walk until you can run again!"

Thank you both, for teaching the students of OIS so much more, than athletics, but life; and THANK YOU ALL for tackling the implementation of GE at YOUR PACE, and never giving up, or looking back!