Team Monthly Update!

Hope you are loving the journey!

Hi folks!

Every month I will be sending out a newsletter with info that I hope is helpful. It will include corporate info as well as team info. I am open to any feedback and thoughts as to what you find helpful. If you have a tip or something you did that was successful I would love to include it!

Product Update!

Color Cosmetic set and Color + Skin Cosmetic set, is now available for Consultants. You can find these two collections Behind the Counter. The Color Cosmetic collection includes all pencils, blushers, bronzers, Lip Sheers, Eye Duos, and brushes for $650. The Color + Skin Cosmetic set includes all color PLUS all shades of Dew Skin, Tint Skin, and Touchup Skin for $1,000. The best part about these business-building sets? They are evergreen, meaning you can order them anytime. Find the following information on the Business Aids Price List.

Color Cosmetics set: SKU 8050.
Consultant price $650, $1,090 value, 40% savings.
You receive $840 PV.

Color + Skin Cosmetics set: SKU 8051.
Consultant price $1,000, $1,706 value, 41% savings.
You receive $1,332 PV.

Monthly Team Challenge!

Every month I will be adding a little something to help keep us all inspired! Every month if you hit this challenge your name is entered in a raffle to win a $75 gift certificate of your choice!

May's Monthly Challenge . . .

To sells $2000 of PV this month!

Last Month's incentive winner. . .

Whitney Nogle is the proud winner of a $$ Gift Certiciate to Pacific Table! whoop whoop!!! Way to go!!!

What I am doing now to get orders . . .

The one thing I am ALWAYS short on is TIME! So I am trying something new this month that seems to be working. I lent out a sample kit of the kids line (could be any product!) but ideally I want the product being sampled by people outside of my network- people I do not know. So I attached a cute note that said:

Smell Me, Use Me, Love me, then Pass Me On! Every time you pass this sample kit along to a friend and they ORDER you will receive 10% off your next order! In 3 days after you have tried and fallen in love with the product just let me know via email or Facebook who is sampling the product next. Beautycounter, a mission worth sharing with a friend!

So far my kids line has been to 3 people and I have 2 orders and I have not had to drive or drop anything off.


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Education sets us apart!

With the launch of Dew Skin, I spent some time researching why safety is important in foundation. I stumbled across this link form Huffington Post. A MUST READ!!

Believe in our mission . . .

What does it really mean when beauty companies slap words like "clean," "natural," and "organic" on their products? Refinery29 interviewed our Head of Health & Safety, Mia Davis, about "greenwashing" in the beauty industry, and it's a must-read:

Local Events . . . always the 2nd Tuesday of the month

Our team meeting this month is at Pacific Table on May 12. Dallas is on Monday the 11th. Here is Houston as well so you can invite any friends!

Product Backorders


As we grow please remember to email me when you have someone join the team!

I am not the best at sitting still. . . so I am not on my computer everyday. When you recruit a new "advocate" for Beautycounter- just send me a quick email so I can add them to Facebook and send them a welcome package email!