Hang Tight Jumanos

by: Owen,Justin,Eli,Julianne,Daniel

The Jumanos

The Jumanos are a very interesting tribe. In this flyer we will be talking about the Jumanos appearance,shelters and locations,customs traditions and cerimonies, along with the food of the Jumanos.

Appearance by Julianne

Women would wear deer skin,and buffalo skin for special occasions and skirts and cloaks of cattle skin. Men wore breech clothes,tide with hide around their waist.

Shelter and Geographical Location by Eli

The Jumanos made their houses out of adobe bricks. Made of clay, ashes, and sometimes grass.They buried their houses half under ground.This tribe lived in the Rio Grande Valley from El Paso Texas. they covered their houses with buffalo skin, fox skin, and black bear fur.

Customs Traditions and Ceremonies by Owen and Daniel

The Jumanos celebrated in the harvest time. By making a big bonfire. The Jumanos also celebrated by singing dancing and clapping to the beat of the music they made.The Jumanos had a very unusual way of greeting their visitors. They would gather all their belongings and put them in a heap in the middle of their room.Then they sat turned toward the walls,heads down,with their hair over their faces. This was their was their way of welcoming their visitors.

Food by Justin

The Jumanos hunted animals such as, deer, elk, rabbit, armadillo, and other small animals. They hunted buffalo too, they either haul it on a dog travois, or carried it on their backs.They pottery to cook in. The Jumanos cooked by using hot stones to make the pot hot to cook food.


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