Ko Taranaki te mounga

Ko Huatoki te awa

Ko Tokomaru te waka

Ko Te Atiawa te iwi

Ko Ngāti Te Whiti te hapū

Ko te Kura o Huatoki te kura.

Ko Taranaki, ko Huatoki, ko Paetoki oku tīma

Tihei mauri ora!


Our Mission: Manaaki whenua, Manaaki tangata, Haere Whakamua

Care for the land, Care for the people, Go Forward

Our Values: I.R.O.C.K

Inclusive, Respectful, Original, Courageous, Kind

Whakauru, Whakaute, Tipu, Kaha, Atawhai

SCHOOL GOAL: Kindness (Manaakitanga)

Kindness or Manaakitanga, is showing care and concern for other people, animals and the environment – ‘caring for the people’. It is part of our school vision and one of our school values.

We need kindness for people to ‘get on’ and relate to each other, animals and the environment. “Manāki Tanagata, Manāki whenua - To care for the people and to care for the land” this is a big part of our school vision.


You practise environmentally friendly habits such as recycling

You take excellent care of your friends, new people

You accept that people are different

You have respect for the feelings and well being of others


Kia ora koutou to our Vogeltown whanau, welcome to the end of Week 11. As you will be aware, this is a 12 week term this year due to Covid-19 and the lockdown, so we still have 1 more week to go in this term - another week of learning!

The staff and learners are certainly feeling the effects of a longer term and with the added winter colds that are floating around, we are ready for a bit of a break.

We have had quite a few kids away with colds and sickness - a massive thanks for keeping the kids home when these develop. I know the juggle of going to work and having to keep kids home, we appreciate your support with this. Please remember to phone, email or call the office if your child is away. This week we have had, on average, 50 students away each day - having to contact parents/caregivers takes the office over an hour each morning.

Well done to our learners this week with break time behaviours. We have had a few indoor morning tea times and lunchtimes and the constructive play and behaviour has been awesome - well done whanau!

As you will have noticed, the roadworks have begun on Hursthouse St. This is phase 1 of the remodelling of Huatoki St, footpaths and entrance ways. A letter was sent home yesterday which details what the council are planning to do over the holiday break. Huatoki St will be closed for at least the first week of the 2 week holidays.

Also as part of the letter sent home yesterday was our response to the front gate survey we were seeking feedback on. This was a link in the newsletter last week, but we thought it best to send out a 'paper version' as well. Thanks again for all the feedback - it is working really well and it was great to see lots of parents and caregivers this morning coming in to classrooms to celebrate what has been happening over the week. A big thanks to our teaching team too, who have been welcoming/greeting students at the gate - this has been wonderful to see!

Our Te Reo focus for this week has been:

He aha te tae? What is the colour?

He_______________ te tae

Ma - white, whero - red, kakriki - green, Maota - dark green, Karera - light green, Pango - black, kowhai - yellow, kahurangi - blue, kikorangi - blue, karaka - orange, mawhero - pink, kiwikiw - grey, paraone - brown, tawa - purple.

Thanks whanau

Mr O


A massive welcome to Deanna-Jo Kurvaji (Rm 5) and Esme Chisnall (Rm 12) who have started at Vogeltown this week.

We know you will enjoy Vogeltown! A massive welcome to Deanna-Jo and Esme's whanau!


To assist the school with preparation for the rest of 2020, please inform the office of any students who may be starting or leaving that we may not already know about.

If you know any families who may be thinking about coming to Vogeltown in 2021, please get these families to contact myself or the school office for an enrolment pack or for a visit.

Below are the 'Four Year Old Friday' dates for Term 3.

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Birthdays this week -

These Vogeltown students had their birthday this week - Happy birthday to these Vogeltowners:

Kaiau McLeod (25th)



TERM CALENDAR – Put all these dates in your diary or your phone!
Remember to check the school calendar on our website. We will put all updates on Facebook &

the website. Link to school calendar: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/calendar/


26 June Vogeltowner Assembly 2pm


1 July Four Year Old Wednesday (note day change)

1 July Vogeltown School birthday

3 July Last day of Term 2

20 July First day of Term 3

22 July Whanau gumboot throw prelims

24 July Whanau gumboot throw finals.



We have had a few questions about ordering the Vogeltown school sweatshirts. We have a link for this on the school website and payment through the online system 'Kindo'. Once we have 20 orders we can put the bulk order in. Here is the link: http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/kindo-shop/


In the wall

Chapter 1

I never wanted to leave. I kicked and screamed. I spat in their faces. But they made me go. To get an education, they said. So here I was, sitting in the back of the car. My mind? elsewhere. Abigail was there, sitting quietly reading a book. She didn’t protest, she did what she was told. Unlike me. Sure we were twins, but sometimes I felt as if we were not even related. Finally we arrived, the huge school looming over us.

“Mountanian school for girls, here we are “ father said.

We got out our suitcases and headed for the school.” Thank You father “ Abigail said.

I took one look at my big black boots and realized how hard they were. I went over to the car, and kicked my father as hard as I could. “ Hey, hey” father said.

“ I do not care!” I screamed. For a fact, I couldn't care more. After all, he was the one to make the decision to send us here. I kicked him one more time, this time, as hard as I could. And with that, I headed for the school.

Chapter 2

I strutted into the reception area. “Hi! My name is Eloise and I will happily escort you two to your room.” Eloise said. “Thank You so much”! Abigail said.

“ And well you're at it, can you get our luggage?” I said

“Charlotte, really?” abigail said. “I am truly sorry Eloise”.

“It is absolutely fine mam,”

Once we were up in our room, I noticed that there were three beds instead of two. “Huh?” I said.

“ What is the problem mam?”

“Oh!” “ It is just that there are three bed instead of two. I thought only the two of us were sharing a room.” “Yeah!”said Abigail. “ Oh! There is another girl called who I believe is called Ruby who may be sharing a room with you.” Eloise said.

As if, right on cue came a girl with bright blue eyes. “ Hi, my name is Ruby,” she said.

Chapter 3

“Ruby ehh?”

I guess she was supposed to be our roommate. Suddenly, I thought I heard someone whisper something. “ Did you guys hear that?” “ Hear what?” Ruby and Abigail said at the same time. “Never mind,” I said. But I heard it again. And it felt as if it was coming from in the walls. “ soooo”

Charlotte Williamson, Rm 9


A massive congratulations to these students who received their 'Vogeltowner award' today!

The ‘Vogeltowner award’ is for our best of the best students. It is a great tradition that began 9 years ago and it will continue to be a part of Vogeltown School.

It is not our top academic students, it is not our top sports students, it is not our top cultural/Arts students - it is a Vogeltowner allrounder!

Our school vision is Manaaki tangata (care for the people), Manaaki whenua (care for the land), Haere whakamua (to go forward). This vision epitomises this award - someone who lives up to the school motto of ‘Service before Self’ and the school vision. It is also someone who understands and lives the ‘Vogeltown Way’ EVERYDAY!

Well done to these students:


Willow Walker and Ruby Lett (Rm 1), Sophie Flitcroft and Noah Jones (Rm 2), Harpah Bowyer and Dima Jumashev (Rm 3), Mia Vooght and Ava Ackerman (Rm 4), Charlie O'Connor and Hannah Froome (Rm 5), Eldon Price and Emilie Gane (Rm 6).


Taylor Davies and Aria Baker (Rm 8), Harry Ahkuoi-Hotene and Oscar Hurley (Rm 10), Wairua Rangiwai and Luka Jones (Rm 13), Dylan Venables and Kaylee Wood (Rm 15)


Melita Netani and Kaitlin Taylor (Rm 7), Hparat Lanan and Lauren Gardner (Rm 9), Harlan Goodin and Marli Fromings (Rm 11), Zac Wells and Ngaia Peterken (Rm 12), Tom Wilkinson and Edie Quinn (Rm 14)

Well deserved whanau!

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Winter Sport:

Miniball Yr 0-2 - Registrations are now closed. Team lists to follow.

Yr 3-4 - I have 1 or 2 more spots available to fill up our teams. Please use the kindo link below to sign up.

Basketball Yr5-6 - Registrations are now closed. Team lists to follow.

KINDO: Please click on the following link which will take you to our Kindo Shop on our school website. http://www.vogeltown.school.nz/kindo-shop/ If you have any queries at all regarding registrations please do not hesitate to contact me.

Netball: Registrations are now closed. All team information has been sent out via email. Please check your emails for all the details. Games commence week 1 of term 3.

Hockey (Yr3-6): Registrations are now closed. All team information has been sent out via email. Please check your emails for all the details. Games commence Saturday 25 July.

The Fun Sticks hockey programme for Year 0-2 children will now commence in term 3, not term 4 as previously advised. If you wish to start your child off in this programme please register directly with Taranaki Hockey on the following link. https://docs.google.com/forms/d/1whU7TNMm2w1jNcue2ZQWj2j8RZpBRBnmHb523bN_wnQ/edit

If you have any queries at all regarding winter sport for your child, please do not hesitate to contact me on michelle.sleep@vogeltown.school.nz


1) Please be mindful of where you park before and after school - especially over the next 12 weeks as the roadworks begin in front of the schools. No one should be parking on broken yellow lines - PLEASE!

2) It is our school birthday on the 1st July! We will be 105 years old! We are going to be running a free sausage sizzle for the kids on this day. More information will be out next week.


Devon Intermediate

Big picture

Highlands Intermediate

Big picture

Thanks whanau

Have an awesome weekend whanau! Second round of football for all grades this weekend. If you are involved - good luck!!

On behalf of the Vogeltown team,

Ka kite ano

Jeremy Ogle - Principal

Big picture
Vogeltown School Yr 5/6 rugby team practicing with Daniel Waite from TRFU for inter-school sports which begin in Term 3.



Tukapa Junior Rugby is taking registrations. Please visit our Facebook page and follow the link to register for the 2020 season commencing 25 July.

Highlands Swimming Club- Winter Swimming Lessons Term 3

We have limited spaces available at our Winter Swimming Lessons for Term 3 on Monday nights at the Bell Block Aquatic Centre:

20th July to 21st September

Times 6.30pm to 7.15pm for Levels 3, 4 and 5 (45 mins)

7.15pm to 8.15pm All Squads and Adults (1 hour)

Cost is $95.00 per swimmer & $60.00 Adults for the term.

Please email highlands.swim.club@gmail.com if you require further details.


Highlands Swimming Club