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Electromagnetic induction is the production of a Potential difference  (voltage) across a conductor when it is exposed to a varying Magnetic field.

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The current moving through the transmitter coil creates an electromagnetic field, which is like what happens in an electric motor. The polarity of the magnetic field is perpendicular to the coil of wire. Each time the current changes direction, the polarity of the magnetic field changes. This means that if the coil of wire is parallel to the ground, the magnetic field is constantly pushing down into the ground and then pulling back out of it.As the magnetic field pulses back and forth into the ground, it interacts with any conductive objects it encounters, causing them to generate weak magnetic fields of their own. The polarity of the object's magnetic field is directly opposite the transmitter coil's magnetic field. If the transmitter coil's field is pulsing downward, the object's field is pulsing upward.

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 kinetic energy is converted into electric energy by the use of electromagnetic induction. By using a metal core that passes frequently though a copper coil which creates a current in the same way that the electromagnetic induction bulb creates electricity. your hand is the generator!