Conponents of a network

iculding bus,ring and star network topolgys


A router is a device that forwards data packets through a network. A router is connect to 2 or data links from other network, and when it gets a data packet it reads the address to decide where it needs to go. It then uses data it its routing table send the data on its way. The most familar routers are used at home and in offices to passs data such as web pages and email.

Network switches

Network switches are a network device that links network segments and devices. It receves data from one device and sends it to the other device that it is connected to that needs the data. It is partily better than a hub becaues while the hub sends the data to all devices on the network the switch only sends the data to the device it is intened to go to.


A network hub is silghtly different from a network switch becaues it links all the devices on the network anmd makes the act as one thing.  It does not montoir the flow of data flowing through and rebrodcasts it to all other devices connect the network. It operates on raw bits and symbols

network server

In most uses the server is a pyshical computer that serves the needs of the other uses of the computer son the network. Depending on the computing service that it offers it could be a ,database server, file server, mail server, print server, web server, gaming server ,or some other kind of server. the computers it serves are called clients.


A client is a piece of computing hard ware of software that can access a serverice made by a server. If the server is on a different computer system the client will have tho access it using a network.A client is a computer program that, as part of its operation, relies on sending a request to another computer program which may or may not be located on another computer.  An example of a computer client is a web browser becaues the have to connect to a web server to get the information

Network Interface Controller

The network controller implements the electronic circuitry required to communicate using a specific physical layer and data link layer standard such as wi fi. allowing communication among small groups of computers on the same lan and large-scale network communications through routable protocols, such as


A ring network

A ring network is a network topolgy where each device is connected to the 2 devices next to it forming a ring. as the datais bpassed between the devices each device handles each data packet. It is mainly used in engineering and manufactering industries..Pros.each device is able to transmite at any time.preforms good under heavy data.. does not a central node to control the data flowcons . The data can only travel one way round the ring meaning some times iot takes awhile for the data to get round the ring to where it needs to malfuntion in the ring and all dievices become isolated

Bus network

Each device  is connect to one central cable. the data is send from the devices and can travel both ways down the cental cable to reach the destination that it needs to get to. PROS.Can travel both ways along the cable.only one device gets the data.cons. there is only one bus so the other devices have to wait for the bus to be empty to send the data. if the central cable breaks the whole things bnreaks down. dose not cope well with heavy loads.

Star network

In local area networks with a star topology, each network host is connected to a central hub with a point to point connection. In Star topology every node (computer workstation or any other device) is connected to central  hub or switch. The switch is the server and there are clients.  but all of the nodes on the network must be connected to one central device. All traffic that traverses the network passes through the central hub. pros it is fast and and can send data to all clients at the time. con if centre breaks nothing works. many homes and bussnesss uses this.